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Alex's Freedom Fortress - JLA Credits

JLA  Mod


ABenavides - Plot/Story, Hero/Mission/Map Design, Python Scripting, Map/Object Hexing, etc.


And Starring

Character Skin Artist Mesh Voice Actor
Aquaman DarkJared Aquaman by Fusion Viking
Atom Courtnall6 The_Atom by Renegade Jack Nolan
Batman The Gryphon Male_Alpha by Irrational Viking
Voice Pack by Saracen & Viking
Blue Beetle Firestorm Male_Basic by Irrational  
Booster Gold Firestorm Male_Basic by Irrational Viking
Firestorm Firestorm Firestorm by The Beyonder Uncredible Duke
Flash (Barry) Courtnall6 Male_Basic by Irrational
Flash (Wally) The Gryphon Male_Basic by Irrational Viking
Green Arrow The Gryphon Green Arrow by The Beyonder Viking
Green Lantern (Hal) Courtnall6 Male_Basic by Irrational  
Green Lantern (Kyle) The Gryphon Male_Basic by Irrational Four-Eyed Avenger
Hawkman Firestorm Hawkman by The Beyonder Ken Hallaron
Martian Manhunter The Gryphon
& Mahu
Male_Basic_Cape_Midcollar by The Beyonder Viking
Oracle ABenavides Female_Basic by Irrational The Voice Of Reason
Plastic Man Courtnall6 Male_Elongated by KennX Jack Nolan
Superman The Gryphon Male_Cape by Irrational Captain Uncular
Wonder Woman The Gryphon Female_Longhair by Irrational The Voice Of Reason

Featuring ...

Character Skin Artist Mesh Artist Voice Actor
Amazing Grace Mahu & Firestorm Female_Longhair by Irrational The Voice Of Reason
Apokolips Warhound Firestorm Warhound by The Beyonder  
Brimstone Firestorm Male_14Foot by Valandar  
Darkseid Courtnall 6 Darkseid by The Beyonder Captain Uncular
Granny Goodness Firestorm Female_Basic_Cape by Interceptor Melanie Juedes
JLA Computer Viking
Kanto Mahu & Firestorm Male_Cape by Irrational Viking
Kalibak Mahu Male_Heavy by Irrational Viking
Lashina Firestorm Female_Longhair by Irrational Melanie Juedes
Mad Harriet Firestorm Bacchite by Irrational
Parademon AcidTrooper Mahu Male_Heavy_Chaingun by JiK
Parademon ElectroTrooper Firestorm Supercollider by Irrational
Parademon EnergyTrooper Mahu Male_Heavy_Chaingun by JiK
Parademon FireTrooper Mahu Male_Heavy_Chaingun by JiK
Parademon FrostTrooper Firestorm Male_Heavy_Chaingun by JiK
Steppenwolf Firestorm Male_Basic by Irrational Viking
Stompa Firestorm Female_Muscular_Bald by The Beyonder  
Virman Vundabar Mahu Male_Basic by Irrational Viking


Issue 001    "Justice League Theme" by Kristopher Carter

Issue 003     "Flash TV Theme" by Danny Elfman

Issue 004    "Batman Overture" by Danny Elfman

"Heroes" by The Wallflowers

Issue 005    "Imperial March" by John Williams

Issue 006    "Superman Theme" by John Williams

Special Thanks

  • Ink (skin) and Beyonder (mesh) for the Floor_Rocket_Launcher
  • JLA Watchtower Map by ABenavides (Heroes Wall Mural Art by Courtnall6)
  • KennX, D.Boon's Ghost, Mahu, and The Gryphon for custom FX
  • Mahu contributed UI Art
  • TripleH helped with additional dialogue in Issues 2 and 4
  • And of course, the creators at DC Comics for the great characters and stories which inspired my little project!
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