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The Fortress Archives - 2017-2019 Updates

[2017-Nov-4] Alive and Kicking

Sorry it's been over a year (real life  and all that ...) But with special apologies to DaGlob for the long delay, here's 28 of his creations.

Deadpan Enchantress Fantastic Four Fantomah Girl Glob Lady Deadpool Mary Marvel Mary Marvel Phantom of the opera Phantom of the Paradise Spyfighter Superman Superman The Shape Ultraman Ultraman blain captain marvel deathstroke lightning plutos queen of hearts queen of spades rip reagan powerman green ghost green ghost scarlet executioner zamarro

[2018-Oct-1] Der Annual Update!

Yep, I had to remember exactly how to update my site ...! Enjoy the 25 latest creations from DaGlob!

Maria Hill Nick Fury Phil Coulson Captain Atom Cyber Thugs Cyber Thugs Cyber Thugs Cyber Thugs Cyber Thugs DEMON Dr. Midnight II geno pak Human Torch Miss Molotov PRIMUS PRIMUS PRIMUS PRIMUS The Eclipse Red Skull Scarlet Skull The Gargoyle USA VIPER Lady America

[2018-Oct-24] Halloween Spook-tacular!

Celebrate Halloween with 14 new creations from DaGlob!

Death Lillith Negasonic London After Midnight Scarecrow of Romney Marsh Mummy The Face The Heap The Purple Claw The Purple Scar Nemesis The Vampire Satana Werewolf of London

[2018-Nov-6] Three in a row!

Yes, three updates in a row this year! Enjoy KennX's 12 new meshes for your gaming pleasure!

Bananaman Black Angel Black Venus Blue Streak Cyclone Falcon Hyper-Man Niatpac Levram Phantom Zone Strongman Superman Zy-Kree

[2019-Oct-7] Still Kickin'

Our annual update is here with 53 new skins and meshes from DaGlob!

 Jasper Sitwell Alias Amazona Amazonia Amazo Maxi-Woman Atlas Scorpion Beacon Dominic Fortune Hazmat Hazmat Hydra Inspector Gadget Jupiter Kismet Lu-nar Nightro Our Man Qward Anti-Lanterns Sand Thing Scorpio Shi'ar Shi'ar Shi'ar Shi'ar Solarman Superboy The Hood The Thing The Black Scorpion The Challenger The Dress Suit The Great Zaro The Phantom Thunder Girl Red Sonya Amok Grimjack Mocker Tornado Girl Aerialist Twilight Avenger Ultra the Multi-Alien Versema Mischief Star Sapphire Daredevil Wasp Wasp Xemnu the living titan Yellow Lantern Yellow Claw Zebra Zibarro

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We are just lowly fans showing our love for the characters!
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