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The Fortress Archives - 2003 Updates

[2003-Jan-08] Amanda

Mrs. Alex gave birth to a 7lb 9oz baby girl, Amanda Lee this morning (Jan 8) at 6:59am. Both Mom and baby are doing fine. I am working on a nursery addition for the Freedom Fortress to accomodate our little Female Fury!

[2003-Jan-09] JLA Mod breaks my server!

Added an additional mirror link to the big JLA Issue #5 mod (which has been downloaded over 500 times from my server alone since its debut in mid-December). So if you've had trouble getting it in the past, maybe now you can join the action!

Big shout out to Rich at for mirroring all the issues of the JLA: Pawns of Darkness saga!

[2003-Jan-13] Skinners wanted

A little community service posting for Nik Mysterious (

"Tekno Skinnerz formerly Clan TBH needs new skinnerz and other talented people. After I Revamp the site a lil then well be up and running again."

Want to help?, get in touch at:

[2003-Jan-17] FF Patch v1.2!

The long-awaited Freedom Force patch-to-the-patch (v1.2) is now available! Get it now (especially since it fixes the ol' EZ Danger Room). Download it from: or

[2003-Jan-20] Freedom is Reborn

The new fan-sponsored Freedom Force forums are up at FREEDOMREBORN.NET! Make sure to drop by and register. A big shout out to all the 33 Titans who made it possible!

[2003-Jan-25] EZ Danger Room 2.0

It's back !!

An updated EZ Danger Room (version 2.0) makes it debut with a bunch of new features: updated GUI, optimized code, 5 new maps that can be used in Multi-Player, EZ Danger Room, or Irrational's Danger Room! Plus add-ons to Irrational's Danger Room to let you choose to use EZ Danger Room's AI or Watch Mode. Grab it on the Goodies page!

BTW, Irrational has set up new official forums for Freedom Force! Visit 'em at: FREEDOMFANS.COM

[2003-Feb-02] Faces

Happy Groundhog Day!

SirBrak has put out some nice work that may help skinners out there. Check his page at Freedom Faces. He's also looking for someone to host his stuff. Maybe one of the great FF Skins sites out there wants to help?

[2003-Feb-07] Behind the Scenes of the JLA Mod

Posted my "shooting script" for the first 5 issues of the JLA Mod. Hopefully this will be of some use to anyone who wants to get into FF modding and is curious how I've gone about it. If I ever get some time, I'll get more into technical details, but this focuses on the story and planning aspect of modding. Check it out in the Goodies section!

[2003-Feb-18] EZ FX 3.0!

The EZ Power FX Installer is back with a new version (3.0) and 125 new power fx, bringing the total number included up to 346! Ya gotsa gotsa to have it now!

I also fixed problems with some older fx:
Cap_shield, Clown_confetti, GL_Green_Hand, Glitch_breakout, Glitch_burnout, Glitch_reprogram, Glitch_Shortcircuit, Lashina_tangle_whip, Lightning_beam, Lightning_beam2, Shield_Throw, Shield_Throw2, Sonics, and Webb_shield.

[2003-Mar-01] Hero Files Collected

Today, a MEGA-sized update is unleashed at the Freedom Fortress! First up, I've added 23 new Hero Recipes featuring: Amazing Grace, Aquaman, Cosmic Boy, Element Lad, Granny Goodness, Hawkman, Huntress, Kalibak, Kanto, Karate Kid, Lashina, Mad Harriet, Quasar, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Stompa, Sun Boy, Timber Wolf, Triathlon, Venom, Virman Vundabar, Wasp, and Wildfire.

To follow that up, I've updated 65 recipes, mostly new meshes and fx updates, but also a few power, attribute, or  stat tweaks mixed in. To make it easy to catch up on all the recipes, you can now download em all in a single handy ZIP file. Check the recipes page for all the hero file sweetness!

In addition, I've updated every hero recipe page to make sure it lists the correct Prestige Point value (for Freedom Force v1.2) and to fix skin and mesh links. This was a particularly grueling update since Freedom Force Center is now gone and the Skindex has shifted URLs, but I finally got it done. I can't guarantee they'll all be working forever, but as of this writing, they all were.

[2003-Mar-15] Random Wasps

MINI-update today (or should I say female_tiny?). Hex-edited the Wasp hero file to use random skins. Every time you use Wasp, a random skin will be used. Plenty of (and I mean plenty) of new stuff coming up at the Freedom Fortress. Working on several new things which you should be hearing about in coming weeks.

Also, in case you recently asked to be on my mailing list, please send me your request again. Had some email problems recently and may have misplaced some of those requests.

[2003-Apr-06] My first skins!

Seven new hero files today - featuring my first 2 skins so it's very exciting (for me, anyway! ) Grab hero files for: Atom, Black Canary (Golden Age), Brimstone, Etrigan, Red Skull, Starman (Golden Age), and Warbird. Plus, updates to Amazo, Black Canary, Firestar, Timber Wolf, and Wasp.

[2003-Apr-18] BAMF!

Quickie update today. Changed the Nightcrawler hero file to use Bobby69's great new mesh and anims.

[2003-May-17] A ten-spot

It's been a busy month, but I have got 10 new Hero files up on the site: Atom Smasher, Falcon, Sand, Sentinel Robot, TaskMaster, and from the JLA Mod: the Parademon AcidTrooper, ElectroTrooper, EnergyTrooper, FireTrooper, and FrostTrooper. Plus, updates to Captain America, Martian Manhunter, and Steel.

Have plenty of other stuff in the works, which I hope to be able to publish soon as well.

[2003-May-25] We move to a new address!

IMPORTANT NEWS! Alex's Freedom Fortress has relocated to a (hopefully easier to remember) URL: WWW.ALEXFF.COM

Also, two quickie updates to Wonder Woman and The Atom.

[2003-Jun-08] The Ray

A small but special update. Renegade's very cool new mesh for the Golden Age Ray is now available, and it has some nifty features you'll want to see. And I'm ready with a hero file and skin for it! (yeah, a skin by me, stop laughing). Grab it on the Recipes page!

[2003-Jul-03] Fortress still standing ...

After a brief 2-week hiatus (bandwidth issues), we're back. Nothing new today, but expect plenty of updates very soon - including JLA Mod Issue #6!

[2003-Jul-11] JLA #6!

Three quickie hero file updates: moved Elongated Man, Plastic Man, and Mr. Fantastic to KennX's new male_elongated mesh. But the big news is:

At long last, JLA Mod Issue #6 is here! To refresh your memories:

The battle escalates to the JLA Watchtower as Superman falls. And Batman once again proves that he is the most dangerous man on the planet.

Get it now on the Goodies page!

[2003-Aug-17] EZFX v4.0! (including some by me!)

An important update for me - I try my hand at FX and whip up 4 "green flame" fx: aff_green_fireball, aff_green_flame, aff_green_flame_cannon, and aff_green_flame_fist. Handy for characters like DC's Fire and Green Lantern.

And, oh yeah, they're all included in EZFX4! Over 200 new fx added (thanks in no small part to Captain Uncular). Grab it now on the Goodies page!

On a personal note - I may be entering some tough financial times soon - but I do plan to keep the site going. So if you just won the lottery or something, feel free to donate! :)

I'm also now an associate site of Mile High Comics - so if you are shopping for some comics - give them a try. Use the "lil woodchuck" link on my site so I get credit - it's an easy way for you to help the ol' Freedom Fortress without spending anymore than you would have anyway. I have used Mile High Comics myself for years (since pre-World Wide Web!) and been very happy with their service.

[2003-Aug-18] Mrbrdo's Editor

Just a quick note so people are aware: mrbrdo has released a nifty new hero file editor. You can get it here.

[2003-Aug-22] Massive Hero Files Update

In my never-ending quest to bring you (yeah you!) the best hero files anywhere, I'm rolling out a mega update today:

14 new hero recipes for Apokolips Warhound, Baron Blitzkrieg, Cosmic Spider-Man, Count Vertigo, Giant-Man, Gladiator, Invisible Woman, Johnny Quick (GA), Liberty Belle, Mr. Terrific (GA), Rhino, Solomon Grundy, Star, and Wildcat (featuring a new skin by me! :) )

In addition, a truckload of updates (51!) to: Amazing Grace, Amazo, Ant-Man, Atom Smasher, Azrael-Batman, Bane, Batman, Black Adam, Black Canary, Black Canary (GA), Black Cat, Black Widow, Blue Beetle, Brimstone, Bronze Tiger, Captain Marvel, Cosmic Boy, Creeper, Cyclops, Daredevil, Deadshot, Doomsday,  Elektra, Fire Gambit, Hawkman, Huntress, Iron Fist, Juggernaut, Karate Kid, Lobo, Magneto, Martian Manhunter, Marvel Girl, Metamorpho, Mon-El, Owlman, Poison Ivy, Power Man, Psycho-Pirate (another new skin by me!), Psylocke, Saturn Girl, She-Hulk, Spider-Man, Starman (GA), Steppenwolf, Stompa, Superman, Thing, Thor, and Ultraman (whew!)

All sorts of things updated, from meshes, stats, and power tweaks to new custom FX (you did get your copy of EZFX4, didn't you?) and FFX attributes! As always, you can grab all my files in one zip file at the top of the recipes page. Enjoy!

[2003-Aug-30] Speedster Updates

A quick hero file update today. Updates to my speedster files: Flash (Wally, Barry, and Jay), Kid Flash, Johnny Quick, Johnny Quick (GA), Professor Zoom, Max Mercury, and Quicksilver. Also updates to Star and Starman.

Finally, a new hero recipe for the Golden Age Sandman, made possible by Texas Jack's great new mesh.

[2003-Aug-31] Archer Updates

More quick updates - minor tweaks to Green Arrow, Speedy, and Hawkeye. More extensive tweaks to my GL hero files. Thanks to all the new FX in EZFX4, I've made each GL-type character a bit more unique in their powers - check 'em out! Updated Green Lantern (Hal, Kyle, John, Alan), Guy Gardner, Power Ring, and Sinestro.

[2003-Sep-01] EZ FX v4.1!

A minor update to EZFX (v4.1) that adds 2 FX I needed for something (they're both created by me) and also fixes a couple of minor glitches. If you already have EZFX 4, just download the 2 additional FX to save yourself time.

[2003-Sep-09] The X Mod!

The X Mod!Releasing a new mod I've worked on over the past year - jued0001's "X" - a 31-level Sci-Fi mod for Freedom Force.
Based on the classic X-Com games!

Grab it now on the goodies page!



[2003-Sep-11] JSA Mod announced

And just so you know I haven't forgotten about it, the JSA Mod page is now up. Check Goodies!

[2003-Oct-03] I join the skin trade ...

I'm very happy to announce a new section here at the Freedom Fortress. I've never really looked to become a Skins site (there are plenty of other sites that do that and do it well). However, when Firestorm ran into issues with keeping his skin site running, I decided to offer him some space for a links page to all his great work. He has filled many requests for me, so it was my way of saying thanks.

Check out his stuff in the new Skins section. Many of them have been updated to new meshes. Only DC skins right now, we'll see about maybe adding other companies in the future, but no guarantees.

[2003-Oct-04] Our first skins update ...

Two new skins by Firestorm: Amazing Grace and Rainbow Raider. I've also updated my Amazing Grace recipe to use this skin.

[2003-Oct-06] 4 New skins by Firestorm ...

Added four skins by Firestorm: an updated Dr. Fate, Chronos, Parademon Electro, and Parademon Frost.

[2003-Oct-07] 3 New skins by Firestorm!

Three new skins by Firestorm: Mr. Miracle, Spectre, and Vibe.

[2003-Oct-12] More Skins by Firestorm!

More new skins by Firestorm: Black Canary 2-pack (classic look), Gorilla Grodd, Guardian, and the Invisible Destroyer!

[2003-Oct-13] Yep, More Skins by Firestorm!

The fastest skinner alive pours it on: Even more new skins by Firestorm: Captain Atom, Invisible Kid, and Psycho-Pirate!

[2003-Oct-15] OMG! A sequel!


Irrational has confirmed that they are working on Freedom Force 2 for release in 2004!

Read all about it on Gamespot!


[2003-Oct-18] Several Hero File updates

Eleven new hero files today: Adam Strange, Black Lightning, Checkmate Knight, Dr. Fate (modern), Dr. Mid-Nite, Dr. Mid-Nite (Golden Age), Hercules, Punisher, Robotman (Golden Age), Superwoman, and Swamp Thing.

Also, 15 updates: Aquaman (Harpoon), Aquaman, Black Canary, Black Canary (Golden Age), Black Widow, Dr. Fate (Golden Age), Elektra, Green Lantern, Human Torch, Kang, Liberty Belle, Psylocke, Sandman (Golden Age), Troia, and Wonder Woman.

Plus, all the links to skins for that other company have been fixed (at least for now).

[2003-Oct-21] A missive from Irrational

Some quickie tidbits today:
Updated the meshing tips page (under Goodies) with more info on using keyframes.

The JSA Mod now has a first story arc: The Phantom Invasion From Beyond

And, the Freedom Fortress has received an important missive from Irrational themselves! read it below:

Hearken, Fans of Freedom!

... and fear not those who would see your liberties dashed! Though recent tidings from Irrational might have made the Mod community gnash its collective teeth, wrongs are soon to be righted. Deep in the Freedom Fortrees, plans are being made to help guide the Mod community to modding nirvana! Misconceptions shall be dashed! The Freedom Force Mod Community shall be free to express itself utilzing every drop of Freedom Force goodness!

Keep your eyes peeled and your super modding powers primed. Help is on the way!

[2003-Oct-26] Another mod announcement!

Announcing the other mod I've been working on: Flash Gordon Conquers Time And Space. This one should be lots of fun and gives me a chance to work with Ancient Spirit, the writer of the Fantastic Force mod, a personal favorite of mine.

[2003-Nov-04] Hosting the DC Universe Mod

First up, I'd already announced this to my mailing list and on the forums, but dannyboy's great DC Universe mod is finally available and Alex's Freedom Fortress is the place to get it! Grab it now for 16 levels of awesome DC action!

GET IT HERE! (This is an FTP link)

NOTE: I uploaded version 1.1 today. You can get the full 78 MB install at the link above. If you had previously downloaded it and just need the patch, you can  get it here:

This patch fixes a few minor issues which are listed in the installer.

Also today, some nifty new Hawman variations, courtesy of KennX

All 3 new skins and 2 hexed new meshes available at KennX's Yahoo Group:

 Whatever Happened to Ken

[2003-Nov-05] Modder looking for Voice

A new modder looking for some female voice talent, If you can help, contact details below:

NOTE: Please respond by November 17th
Voice actress needed for Freedom Force Mod.
Villainess. Deep but feminine.
Voice pack to start. More directorial guidance in communication.
Contact me at , only, get da FUNK out ma face.

[2003-Nov-15] Whatever Happened to Ken

Some nice new work delivered by KennX for us DC Fans. Check it out all out on his Yahoo Group, Whatever Happened to Ken

[2003-Nov-23] More Firestorm Skins!

Firestorm is at it again, contributing three new skins: Dr. Bedlam, Glorious Godfrey, and The Joker. Check 'em all out in the Skins section.

[2003-Nov-25] Modding Dos and Don'ts

Irrational Games has released some Official Do's and Dont's regarding mod-making for Freedom Force. Check out all the details here:

[2003-Dec-01] DCU Mod is back!

Quick update today- Modified 4 hero recipes to use Texas Jack's outstanding new Plastic_man mesh: Plastic Man (of course), Mr. Fantastic, Elongated Man, and Metamorpho. I was also going to post a handful of new recipes, but my infant daughter demanded some time from her Dad today!

Also, for a very limited time only (since it killed my site last month :) ), the DCU Mod is available by normal HTTP link.

Yes, dannyboy's great DC Universe mod ! Grab it now for 16 levels of awesome DC action!

GET IT HERE! (This is an HTTP link)

OR GET IT HERE! (This is an FTP link)

[2003-Dec-07] Quickie update

Just clearing off some things I had lying around. Updated hero files for: Adam Strange, Flash, Flash (Barry), Flash (Jay), Max Mercury, Kid Flash, Johnny Quick, Johnny Quick (GA), Justice, Quicksilver, and Professor Zoom . Also new recipes for: Beast Boy, Dr. Bedlam, and Glorious Godfrey.

[2003-Dec-16] Official FF Swag!

Today, a big announcement from everyone's favorite game company: Irrational Unveils Freedom Force Merchandise!
Now you can finally bring your favorite heroes home with you!  Irrational Games is launching an extensive line of merchandise featuring characters from their smash-hit PC game, Freedom Force.  Lounge around the house in your new Microwave T-shirt, drink coffee from a Mentor mug or surf the web with your official Freedom Force mouse pad.  Check out the new Irrational Games Official Merchandise online store at

[2003-Dec-19] A little update

Two new hero files, Onslaught and The Spectre. Also, updates to Booster Gold, Dr. Doom, Dr. Fate, Dr. Fate (Golden Age), Dr. Strange, Elongated Man, Galactus, Justice, Metamorpho, Mon-El, Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man, Superman, Swamp Thing, and Ultraman. Special thanks to Grenadier for the male_cape_nobelt mesh used in several of these recipes and to KennX for hexing up the keyframes. To make it easier for everyone, just use  the male_cape_nobelt link on my recipe pages to download the mesh and keyframes I used to create these heroes.

[2003-Dec-21] The Captain is here!

A quickie today: Captain Boomerang is updated with tweaks to his powers and stats as well as being switched to the groovy new mesh by Saracen er ... Crusader ... er y'know ... the Suicide Squad mod guy ... whatever the heck his name is.

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