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The Fortress Archives - 2016 Updates

[2016-Feb-07] Finally an update!

Sorry about the long time between updates, just swamped with work and other things right now. DaGlob and KennX have sent me stuff (a while back) that I've been slowly setting up. Today I'm putting up 28 new contributions from DaGlob. I have a few more to go and stuff from KennX as well. Hope to get to that before too long, but I wanted to get these out already!

Asbestos Man Black Dwarf Black Owl Cain Catwoman Cyberman Doctor Devil Doctor Dracula Doctor Who (Davison) Fantastic Four (2005 MP) Fantastic Four (Corman) Fantastic Four 1963 Fantastic Four 1967 Ghost of Flanders Hijacker Iron Maiden Iron Maiden Thugs Kookie Quartet 1 Man with No Name Man-Wolf Menthor Moon Man Mister Destin Nighthawk Owl Girl Press Guardian Protector Subterraneans

[2016-Feb-11] Wonder-ful update!

Today, I have a nifty new Wonder Man pack with various incarnations of Marvel's Mr. Williams. Courtesy of KennX!

Wonder Man

[2016-Feb-22] Wonder-ful again!

Thanks to hoss20 for converting KennX's Wonder Man pack so it an also be used in FFv3R. The updated file contains both FF and FFV3R meshes.

Wonder Man

[2016-Mar-19] Da Glob Strikes Again

A quick update today, featuring more from the incredibly prolific DaGlob. I have a few more coming from him soon.

Ant-Man Bobby Bell Cat King Green Mask Hangman Kookie Quartet Phantom Maid Purple Tigress Shadow of Wall Street Steel Sterling Stunner V for Vendetta Whizzer

[2016-Apr-24] Da Glob Returns

Our April update brings 14 more DaGlob goodies!

Asthma Monster Blooperman Cat-Girl Clay Quartermain Clock King Doctor Tyme Drabny Frankenstein Jr. Frankenstein Iron Skull Rip Hunter Time Master Scarlet Arrow Super Lois White Streak

[2016-May-3] The May Update!

We're back with 13 new creations from DaGlob!

Black Wings Boris and Natasha Captain Valor Chronos Electro Electro Girl Klamos Magga The Magnificent Multiman Negative Green Lantern Hal Jordan Nukla Paperman Thor

[2016-May-13] Friday the 13th Update!

Only good luck today as there's a nice pack of FF goodies - 20 creations by the Fortress' resident artists.

Plus, still time to donate to my 2016 Relay for Life team, just head on over to:

 Abomination Captain America Commander Steel Elektra USAgent USAgent
Deadpool Mego Spider-Man Sentry (Hero Alliance) Spider-Man (Japan) The Clock Time Commander
Alpha Primitive Puck
Hulk Professor Hulk Red Hulk Incredible Hulk Sub-Mariner

[2016-May-22] Hard drive treasures ...

A recent cleanup/reorg of my hard drives turned up a number of skins and skopes by Courtnall6 that I had not yet posted. Some are older versions of skins I did already have, some are updates to standard skins C6 did for meshes, and some are golden oldies I came across. I had to create new previews for most of these, as well as adding keyframes when needed, so it took me a little while. Putting up 24 in all right now, with more to come in the future.

Angel Angel Bane Beetle Black Knight Bullseye Captain Marvel Amalgam Captain Mar-Vell Colossus Firestorm Green Arrow Green Goblin Hawkeye Hyperion Impulse Jesse Quick Magneto Quasar Sabretooth Spider-Man Supernova Tigra  Tigra Venom

Plus, still time to donate to my 2016 Relay for Life team, just head on over to:

[2016-Jun-03] Revenge of The Beyonder...

I continue my cleanup/reorg of my hard drives by posting 26 classic meshes by Beyonder. I've added preview pics, keyframes, and FFv3R versions as needed. I am also working on some additional Beyonder goodies for my next post.

Female Bald FX Female Basic Armwings Female Muscular Bald Male Archer Male Archer Round Torpedo Leader Electro Male Basic Bolthead Small Kraven Male Basic Rifle Male Basic Teen Tall Male Cape Clothes Baggy Male Cape Pant Baggy Male Donkeyhead Volt Male Mullet Male Muscular Male Muscular Cape male muscular cape gb sp hammer Male Muscular Cape Hammer Shocker Colossus Colossus Pied Piper Atom

[2016-Jun-17] Beyonder-mania!

Gotten a long way through cleaning up my hard drive and the good news is it pays off in more goodies. Today, I'm posting 78 more downloads from The Beyonder!

Special thanks to the folks who made this update possible:

- DaGlob for whipping up 10 brand new standard skins for the male_cape variants. Check em all out, some nice work there!

- Wyldfyre for skoping a male_cape_gloves variant (and nobelt version) when I realized it didn't exist (and I really wanted a complete set! :) ) .

- Hoss20 for fixing a problem with the hair meshes so they would work in FFv3R as well as FF. He also corrected a texture issue I was having with the male_cape_gloves_boots mesh.

- And of course Beyonder for making all this in the first place (plus Firestorm for the many default skins)!

- I've also included a never-released male_bald_suit mesh Beyonder did for me when I requested it for the JLA Mod. (meant for Lex). Never used it in the mod, but now you all get to have it, complete with a quick default skin I whipped up.

Male Bald Suit Male Basic Hair Bangs Male Basic Hair Flattop Male Basic Hair Friar Male Basic Hair Normal Male Basic Hair Receding Male Basic Hair Wolverine Male Basic Pointed Hood Gloves Male Muscular Bootcuffs Hair

[2016-Jun-30] Updated EZHero and installers

Just a quick note to let everyone know that I've updated EZHero to properly handle the paths for the GOG versions of both FF games (now that there is a GOG FF game!) I personally use the GOG versions of both games so I've also gone back and updated the installers for various other add-ons and mods to provide GOG paths in the informational help and as default (I had Steam paths there for a while and now show Steam, GOG, and CD paths). I've done this for EZ Danger Room, FFv3R Mod Tools, Real Reich, Superhero TV, DC Universe Mod, JLA: Pawns of Darkness, The Super Powers Mod, and the X-Mod.

Didn't do EZFX yet as I'm planning big updates for both of those installers.

[2016-Jul-07] The Ladies Man

And now it's time to dim the lights, turn up the music and pour a glass of Courvoisier ... yes, my friends, The Ladies Man (aka Interceptor) is featured on today's update . I've put up 25 of his fine meshes and skins for your gaming adventures. Enjoy!

 Arwyn Arwyn Female Amazon Katana She-Hulk Female Basic Cape Halfling Sword Chastity Warbird Ponytail Mara Jade Bald Guns Teen Full hair Glitch Girl Teen Medium Hair Straight Hair Instinct Emma Frost Liberty BelleQuistis Scarlet Witch Triad Wildcat

[2016-Jul-16] DaGlob continues and an Atlas begins

Daglob is back with 16 new creations!

AIM Thug Deadpool Flash Fly-Girl Fly-Man Liberty Girl Hulk Black Hood Mr. Justice Plastic Man Skrull The Presto Kid Tim Boo Baa Bulldog Denny Nuclear Man NiteOwl

Plus, I've started a new visual record of maps (an Atlas, if you will) as an aid to modders, available on the Goodies page or direct link to it here. Only a few maps from the original game listed so far, but it will grow.


[2016-Aug-02] Summer Spectacular!

A big-time update today to welcome in August!

First up, more lost treasures from my backup hard drive. There are 20 skins/meshes from the resident artists. And I'll pause to point out that, with this update, the Fortress now proudly hosts over 2,000 skins and meshes !

El Insensatez
Baron Zemo Falcon Golden Archer Madame Masque Mandarin Nekra Nighthawk Nuklo Powerman Swordsman The Cat Umar Yellow Claw      
Doctor Doom Parademon Parademon Parademon
 Ultra Boy
 TM Archer
Lightning Man

But wait ! That's not all! Alex's Atlas has been updated and now shows all the maps from the original Freedom Force game - 68 in all! I've also converted the Atlas to work off a database, to make future maintenance easier and other features possible in the future.

I have updated art on some of my "Goodies".

. Suicide Squad

And finally - a quick update on mods:

As I've done for other mods on my site, I've updated the Suicide Squad Mod installer to more easily support the GOG and Steam versions of  FF (default is GOG). I also added a launch EXE like I have on other mods. The installer places a shortcut to this on your desktop when installing. Basically, it just makes it easy to install and play the mod (plus using the latest install creation software made the download file a bit smaller)

I have done some work to get the Freedom Force (original game) Mod working properly. Fixed the Mission 2 bug by scripting a workaround. Fixed some maps that weren't working right, added some missing head.nifs, and fixed the strings throughout the game. Hope to get this re-released in the near future. Thanks to Yellow Lantern and Spydermann93 for their testing help so far!

[2016-Sep-30] Fall Update!

I've been tied up with lots of real-life stuff, but wanted to put something out to let you know the fortress is still here.

FF ClassicI've updated the FF mod for FFv3R (after many many years!). Now renamed "FF Classic for FFv3R" - several bugs have been fixed, so it should work all the way through at least level 10! May work further but I haven't played further. Let me know if you find bugs! Get it on the Mods page!

A huge special thanks to yell0w_Lantern and spydermann93  for testing the mod (and thx YL, for the fixed abomb nif)!

Coming soon (hopefully) ... I am just about ready to release the long-delayed EZFX 6.1 as well as my still-nameless app that auto-installs meshes. Look for them in October!

And a Fortress update wouldn't be complete without more magic from DaGlob (this time, with a collaboration with J_Foam as well!)

Enjoy the 18 new skins/meshes !

skin by DaGlob
Barnabas Collins
Alfred E Neumann Aquaman  Alfred E Neumann Superman  The Avengers Steed and Peele  Deadpool Pulppool  Green Ghost 4 Green Ghost 1 Green Giant Judge Anderson Master Mystic Red Devil and Goldy Sparkman Spidergirl Swamp Thing TNT Todd Whisper The Whisperer Zombie

[2016-Oct-3] Mod Fix!

Re-posted the FF Classic Mod, the version I put up a couple of days ago was a slightly older build than the latest one (oops!). This one has corrected even more bugs. I've titled this download FFClassic_v3, so you'll know you have the latest. Grab it on the Mods page.

[2016-Oct-4] Son Of Mod Fix!

Yet another quick fix of the FF Classic Mod. I had not created the installer with the proper subfolder structure, so after install nothing would actually work! Fixed and tested the install this time. If you installed v3, just run the uninstaller first. It wouldn't have messed up your FFv3R game , but it wastes space on your hard drive. Grab v4 on the Mods page.

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