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The Fortress Archives - 2007 Updates

[2007-Jul-27] Hello again ...

Hello Fans of Freedom! It's been a while ... a long while ... but there is an update at the Fortress! I have experienced huge changes in my life while I've been away and as the song says , "some forever ... not for better". However, I am very pleased to be able to have something new for you all today.

Special thanks to tommyboy for making me take a peek at the FF community again and to Riddle Me This for giving me something I can get things started with ... his spankin' new mod for FF : Pulp Fiction!

What's it about? Well, it's a two-fisted tale of 20+ missions in the style of the old pulp magazines. Join the Dreamweaver, the Truth, Doc Masters, and other pulp archetypes as they unravel the mystery of the Yellow Dragon! Grab it on the Goodies page!

Watch for more updates in the weeks ahead!

[2007-Aug-03] FF for FFv3R ... er ... what?

More mod goodness for you all today! Now on my Goodies page - Freedom Force for FFv3R. Play the original FF campaign using FFv3R.

I actually did a quickie conversion of FF when FFv3R first came out a couple of years back. Now with Tommyman's meshing help, I am completing it. But I need your help! I've put up a version called BETA 1, which I know has bugs and stuff missing in it still. Please download, play, and give me your feedback so we can finish it up. Currently, I've only tested missions 1 and 2 (and I think they're good, but you tell me! :) )

[2007-Aug-04] Forum Battle Royale 1 and repackaged JLA Mod

I'm in a mod mood, so here's more: I've unearthed the notorious Forum Battle Royale Mod and packaged it (with permission from its creator of course) along with its patch into a single installer. Grab it on the Goodies page.

I've also repackaged the JLA Mod (Issues #1-6) into a single installer and updated the JLA shooting script sample to include issue #6. See the JLA Mod Info page for the update.

[2007-Aug-08] From out of the ashes ... EZ Hero 3

Major update today!

First up - Riddle Me This has patched Forum Battle Royale 2 into the "Final Version" which is now available on my Goodies page. Download it and Forum Battle Royale 1 to play the entire Forum saga for the original FF game.

And Finally, EZ Hero 3!

I actually never thought I'd release this. Personal issues forced me to stop working on it back in mid-2005. Sad, because it was about 80% done then and I had rebuilt the EZ Hero code base from scratch, fixing lots of little things and adding big new features such as:

  • Supports hero files for both Freedom Force (FF) and Freedom Force vs The Third Reich (FFv3R)
  • Lets you save to either format at any time
  • It will batch convert a whole folder from 1 format to the other
  • It will Send hero file info to DAT files for FF and FFv3R mods (EZHero2.6 did it only for FF mods)
  • Send to DAT feature now has health override option
  • Has all the latest attributes in FFX 3.2, but also lets you easily add custom ones
  • EZAI tool for FF (thx to Taskmaster for all his input on this)

In late 2005, my hard drive went boom and with it the EZ Hero source code, so it was all over.

Until 2007, when I ran across a version of the code on an old backup drive. I tried it and found most of it worked. I put it together an important piece of code I found on another drive and then spent a little time debugging and adding a tweak or two. And EZHERO 3 finally sees the light of day! It's dedicated to my Dad, CB. Grab it on the Goodies page also!

[2007-Aug-09] EZ Hero 3.1 released

Quickie update to EZHero. The new version, 3.1, now handles FFv3R hero files that have the full path for mesh in them (caused by other hero file editor). It auto-corrects this to the relative path. Get it on the Goodies page.

[2007-Aug-10] EZFX 6.0 released

A few more corrections to EZHero. The new version, 3.2, now saves Material for FFv3R hero files properly and the Send to Text function has had a few glitches fixed. Get it on the Goodies page.

[2007-Oct-10] Pulp Fiction for FFv3R

A quick but pretty cool update today. Riddle Me This has put together a FFv3R version of his popular Pulp Fiction mod. So now you have no excuse for not checking out all the awesome mod-dy goodness! Get it now the Goodies page

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