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The Fortress Archives - 2009 Updates

[2009-Mar-19] EZ Hero 3.3 released

It's been another long while - but yes, there is an update. A new version of EZHero. This version , 3.3, fixes various little glitches and adds a new option to send a folder-full of hero files to a DAT file (a real time saver for modders). Get it now the Goodies page! Working on a few more things, so who knows? - maybe I'll have another update this side of Christmas!

[2009-Apr-01] A Classic Fortress MEGA Update!

Once upon a time, a small but industrious Freedom Force site served the fans of this great game. This was made possible by the talents and efforts of many who freely contributed to its success. Online for over 7 years, this oldest of existing FF sites has been largely quiet for a long time. So long that newcomers to the community, no longer know what it was like to see huge updates done Fortress-style ... Until now !!!

It's not a hoax ... it's not an imaginary story (though they really are all imaginary, aren't they?). A massive update like your grandparents used to tell ya about!

First up, a newcomer to the fortress: Johnny Patches and three skin/mesh packs for his spankin' new page:

Followed by another new guest at the Fortress: Riddle Me This, contributing 7 new skins/meshes:

If that's not enough for you, how about the return of the Ladies' Man, Interceptor! Four new skins/meshes:

I know, I know, you can't take much more ...

Too bad, there's more!

Lightning Man is back with a classic take on Captain Atom!

Soak up the atomic goodness!

It's too much, you say ... it must be an April Fool's joke...

I say thee nay! Supreme Hexer and master rapper, KennX, returns! with 10 all-new mesh/skin packs (love them Blackhawks!):

Enjoy all the Skins and Meshes on the creator's pages.

And finally ...

Before there were skins and meshes at the Fortress, before there were mods, before there was EZ Danger Room, EZFX, and EZ Hero, there were Hero Recipes. They've been gone for a long time (4 years?). Sure you could still download all the hero files I'd done (around 200) in a  zip file, but the Fortress always went the extra mile and provided lots of useful info on setting up the files. Unfortunately, the database I was using to manage all that was no longer available to me.

So I learned a few new skills and made a new one. Yes, they're back! I've only put back 33 recipes so far but there's plenty more on the way. Even some I had never previously released. For now, enjoy the brand new Azrael, Aquaman (modern), Power Ring 2, and Power Ring 3. Along with updates to 29 other hero files previously released, each and every one with a new mesh, skin, FFX, power, stat or all of the above! They're all for FF right now, but FFv3R versions will be available soon as well. (in the meantime just use EZHero to convert 'em) Explore them on the Recipes page!

And that's how we do it at the Fortress.

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