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The Fortress Archives - 2015 Updates

[2015-Feb-17] JLA Blog #3 - Infinite Possibilites ...

Nothing major today, but I did post a quick blog update on the JLA mod. This one focuses on the story I want to tell. Read it here!

[2015-Feb-19] Holiday Update - Part 2 (finally!)

Better late than never - here's the second half of the holiday update I started back in December; 27 more meshes and skins!

Angel Angel Count Nefaria
Jane Martin War Nurse One-Eyed Jacqui Owl (Golden Age) Phantom of the Opera Spyman Claw
Special thanks to KennX for unearthing these!
Aurora Aurora Box Doctor Strange Guardian Guardian Iron Fist Mimic Northstar Northstar Rhino   
Martian Manhunter Sentry

[2015-Mar-15] For Relay!

Still working on a bunch of updates for later this month - EZFX, EZHero, and more skins and meshes. In the meantime, I just wanted to post that it's Relay for Life season for me once again. As a lot of you may know, I lost both my father and wife to cancer a few years back. Since then, I have dedicated some time each year to captaining a team to participate in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life event.

If you can, please consider donating whatever you'd like to my team this year. Perhaps in honor or memory of a loved one. Or maybe even if you just like my FF site! Thanks !

My donations page is here:

[2015-Apr-29] Spring Update

Spring has sprung and that means it's time for 43 more skins and meshes! Enjoy!

Also, there's still time to donate to my Relay for Life team, just head on over to:

Special thanks to hoss20 for creating an FF version of the GL-First Flight mesh
and to FigureFan for pointing out the wrong Dr. Strange file to me, which has been corrected
Bloodaxe Deathstroke Doctor Strange Green Guardian Green Lantern Juggernaut Johnny Quick Spawn
Ace of Space Blackout Bronze Terror Buzzard Crimebuster Iron Jaw Mighty Man Minimidget Mr. Q Nightbird Phantom Pollux Superior Male Super Ann Tumbler Zha-Vam
  Abomination Blue Shield Brothers Grimm Bulldozer Captain Universe Electro Enchantress Graviton Hercules Human Torch Nick Fury Piledriver Prowler Punisher Sasquatch Snowbird Thunderball Vulture Wrecker

[2015-Jul-29] Summer Update

Sorry for the long delay, but it's finally here - a summer update!

First up, 20 new skins and meshes for you today, courtesy of DaGlob! (and I probably have 1 or 2 he's sent me I still need to prep besides these- will do asap!)

Atomaster Baroness Blood Black Widow Bombshell Bronze Man Flash Gordon Frankenstein Frankie Raye Freakazette Gemini Gutierrez Hulk Jaguar Jolly Roger Omega The Unknown Radian Shag Smasher Spider Widow Wonder Woman

These 20 new downloads bring me to a milestone, our 1,800th skin or mesh on the ol' Fortress! Thanks to all the artists who have contributed over the years!

Also today - an update to my EZ Hero utility, now up to version 3.5. Did most of the work for this last year but didn't realize I hadn't posted it until recently. As always, any bugs let me know.

Changes include:

  • Added ability to use ALL EP Costs for ALL powers in either game, FF or FFv3R! EZHero will say "(FF)" next to options that are only officially supported in FF
  • Removed weight boxes from Send To DAT screens (as hero files can now hold custom weights)
  • Bug fixes to EP Cost display for Special powers
  • Bug fixes to Batch Send To DAT function
  • Bug fixes to Active Defense display

[2015-Sep-10] EZ Hero 3.6 - Quick Fix!

Quick update today - I fixed the Send to Text bug in EZHero. You can once again create text file summaries of your hero files. Thanks to Benton for pointing out the bug (which was likely there for a few versions - I don't normally use this feature so didn't notice the problem!) I improved the code a little so it now also automatically names the text file the same as your hero file and puts it on your desktop.
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