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The Fortress Archives - 2014 Updates

[2014-Apr-27] Spring Cleaning

I'm back after another extended break. Nothing major to report, but I have given the site a face-lift, as I redecorate and reorganize a bit. Updated the FAQ to be up to date with FFv3R and info about the Steam versions of the FF games. I put the classic Suicide Squad mod back up - I'd had it posted for a while, but never got around to doing the link!

The Dev Diary and Mods now have their own separate pages and I threw together some snazzy new nav buttons, just because. Cleaned up various links and text here and there, so we're ready for action. Hopefully, the internal site changes I am making will make it easier to update the site in the future. I am looking at a few things I'd like to work on, so we'll see.

[2014-May-03] Mod Tools for FFv3R

Freedom Force  mod toolsAs I started looking into what's the deal with FF nowadays, I found out certain things don't work! ... Important things like the FFv3R Mod Tools.


Well it's not that they don't work, it's just that the installer won't install them because it searches your PC registry for the CD version of FFv3R. Nowadays, more and more people are using repackaged versions of the FF games from GOG or Steam.

Since one of those people was me (though I also have the CD versions), I decided to make it easier to install FFv3R tools.

I have extracted the mod tools themselves and repackaged them in an installer that should work with all flavors of FFv3R. Check it out on the Goodies page!

[2014-May-18] Super Powers Mod is back!

The Super Powers Mod for Freedom ForceBack in the early days of FF, we didn't have no fancy-pants FFX to spice up our mods. We had a dozen FX maybe! And we typed in every power for every hero into FFEDIT with our bare fingers - and we walked 5 miles in the snow to find the right mesh - and 80% of the time the right mesh was male_basic!

Return with me now to those thrilling days of FF innovation with a blast from the past - the legendary Super Powers Mod by Fatal_T and The Four-Eyed Avenger!

I had this on my backup drive and after checking with The Four-Eyed one himself, I took it upon myself to combine the various installers and patches into a single complete package. I also fixed an issue with certain levels that needed maps that only came with the original FF editor.

A true classic, this is one of the first DC Mods, but still among my favorites - the "Bat's In The Cradle" episode still inspires. I remember congratulating Fatal_T and Four-Eyed Avenger on their great achievement when it came out. I kind of always felt this occurs in a shared universe with my own JLA Mod as we both used a lot of the same meshes/skins and my own hero "recipes" were used as the basis for some heroes.

I'm glad we can all once again enjoy this great adventure! Grab it now on the Mods page.

[2014-May-20] Updated Installers

I'm currently working on a new version of EZ Hero (with a bunch of  features). Should be done soon, but I needed a break from looking at code, so I spent a little time upgrading various mod installers. I have updated JLA, DCU, and X with uninstall features, some help text to give you sample install paths (if you have CD or Steam versions of FF), and an icon shortcut that actually works without having to fiddle with it. (The SuperPowers installer I did recently has all these features also).

I just thought it should be easier for people new to FF mods to get things up and running. Now I'm going to play all of these for inspiration! Get them on the Mods page.

[2014-May-22] C6 Marvel ... 'nuff said!

After an absence of nearly 10 years, I've restored Courtnall6's Marvel skins page. Only 15 skins are up right now, but I have a bunch more coming when I get the time to upload them. Look for Marvel (and other unhosted skins from Courtnall6) in the weeks ahead.

[2014-May-28] More C6 Marvel!

An additional 33 skins have been added to Courtnall6's Marvel page, bringing the current total to 48. More in the weeks to come!

[2014-Jun-01] Even More C6 Marvel!

I start off June with another 90 Courtnall6 Marvel skins, bringing the total up to 138! Still a bunch to go through, but can now see the finish line.

Batmobile Batman Robin [2014-Jun-02] Bat-tastic update!

Another day, another 63 skins by Cournall6 added to his Marvel page! Hope to wrap this update up soon.

And in today's BONUS update:

Is your Batman feeling tired from all the Danger Room action?

Crimefighting can be very tiring, you know.

Maybe he just needs a little drive through the city to relax. Yeah, and now he can do it in style - 1966 style! Get J_Foam's Batmobile '66 mesh on his page!

[2014-Jun-07] Kenn-X Mega Update!

It's been about 40 days since I started updating my site again.

In that time, the Fortress has:

  • Posted FFv3R Mod Tools to allow people to more easily create mods when they have the Steam or GOG version of FFv3R.
  • Compiled the classic FF mod, Super Powers, and made it available again.
  • Pretty much completed work on a major new version of EZHero with a ton of new features (just waiting for a last beta check before release).
  • Started reposting Courtnall6's Marvel skins (about 200 up already) and will continue with his ToyBox and Champions skins.
  • Posted an awesome Batmobile 66 mesh by J_Foam

Some may say that's a pretty great bit of work. At the Fortress, we say, "ok, warm up's over".

To start getting into the next gear, here's one of KennX's legendary mega-posts. 25 new mesh/skin/skope thingies (you know what I mean):

Argent, Blue Beetle's Bug, Cat-man & Kitten, Fastbak, Flame-On-Action Johnny Storm, Flame-On-Action Original Torch, Flame-On-Action Toro, Flash of 2 Worlds, GL Archon, Hawkworld Katar Hol, Hawkworld Shayera Thal, Kim Possible, Mas y Menos, Mindgrabber Kid, Mr. Incredible, Plastic Man (updated), Scuba Guy, Shego, Sparkler, Spitfire, Stuff, Superman (Action#1, Hermes mesh), Terra III (Atlee), Left & Right Winger, Yank & Doodle

Argent Blue Beetle Bug Cat-Man and Kitten FastBak Flame-On! Johnny Storm Flame-On! Human Torch (Golden Age) Flame On! Toro the Flaming Kid Flash of Two Worlds Green Lantern Archon Hawkworld Katar Hol Hawkworld Shayera Thal Kim Possible Mas Y Menos Mindgrabber Kid Mister Incredible Plastic Man Scuba Diver Shego Sparkler Spitfire (Hermes) Stuff Superman Action Comics #1 (Hermes) Terra Left and Right Winger Yank and Doodle

EZ Hero released! [2014-Jun-10] EZ Hero 3.4!

After several weeks' work, I'm happy to say the newest version of EZ Hero (3.4) is now available for download!

This new release (the first one since 2009!) boasts a ton of new features which should make life easier for modders and hero file fans:

  • Fully supports DDS-format portraits
  • Input a weight value directly into the hero file (no pulldowns)
  • All FFX 3.3 Attributes are built-in by default (you can still add your own)
  • Additional materials are supported: Air, Cloth, Concrete
  • Sending a hero file to DAT will now auto-generate text in your strings.txt, great timesaver for modders
  • New Smart Settings screen and Smart Paths - lets you check and set all your paths (Hero Files, FF Meshes, FFv3R meshes, DAT files) easily. Automatically adjusts to the right path based on what type of file you are editing (FF or FFv3R). The pulldowns include common FF/FFv3R paths for GOG, Steam, or CD, or type your own.
  • Runs on all versions of Windows (including 7 and Win8.1) - no need for additional COMDLG32.OCX file

Grab it on the Goodies page!

Special thanks to my volunteer beta-testers: hoss20, Cyber Burn, and spydermann93,  their efforts made it a much better product.

[2014-Jun-16] Son of Even More C6 Marvel skins!

More Courtnall6 skins posted - 29 in all! Almost caught up with all his original Fortress Marvel work. After that, his skins that were hosted on other sites will be put up. Enjoy!

Ant-Man Archangel Doctor Doom Justice Kang Morg Puck Sage SHIELD Pack 1 Skurge The Executioner Smasher Speed Demon Spider-Man 6 Pack Starbolt Starbrand 2 Pack Starfox Stingray Storm Super Skrull Tarantula Taskmaster Texas Jack The Thing Thunderbird III Tiger Shark Venom Venom (SC) Warbird Warbird (SC)

[2014-Jun-19] New KennX Marvel skins!

Working on a few things at once, but did want to get the latest batch of KennX mesh/skin packages out there! As you can see, we're building up the Marvel content as KennX adds 7 new meshes (well mostly, Marvel ... there is a boy wizard as well) Enjoy!

Alpha Primitives Ben Grimm, The Thing Harry Potter Makkari Quasar (TMCL) Ultimate Spider-Man Whizzer

[2014-Jun-24] Another day, another batch of Courtnall6 skins!

Continuing with my work to make all Courtnall6 skins available by uploading 33 more. (Boy that guy did a lot, didn't he?) A few updated ones have snuck in as I've been doing this, but I'm about to start with all his newer ones soon. I'm also starting to create new preview pics as I go as I've just about used up all the ones that are available. Have done about a dozen so far.

Ultimate X-Men Wonder Man Wolverine (Brown update) Whirlwind The Volt Age - XStream The Volt Age - Shatter The Volt Age - Agent Taskmaster (update) Swordsman Sunfire Cosmic Spider-Man Spider-Man (Black) Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) Spider-Man Speed Demon (update) Silver Surfer SHIELD Pack 2 Scorpion Scarlet Spider Sabretooth Quicksilver 3 Pack Quicksilver Onslaught Oddball Northstar (alternate) Moonwing (Amalgam comics) Magneto Goliath III (update) Goliath III Giant-Man II Giant-Man 5 Pack Giant-Man 3 Pack Crystal

[2014-Jun-29] The next wave of Courtnall6 skins!

I enter a new phase of Courtnall6 skins. There are still some older ones which I've unearthed, but I am now starting to include some of his newer work as well. Thirty-six new ones uploaded for your FF gaming pleasure.

Xorn Wonder Man The Vision Vertigo Union Jack Ultron Torpedo Titania Thunderbird Spider-Woman II Spider-Woman Spider-Man (Romita) The Sentry The Sandman Red Skull Quasar (update) Pyro Nomad (update) Namorita Mystique Mister Sinister Mimic Micromax Malice Longshot Jack o' Lantern Iron-Man Silver Centurion Iron-Man Mark IV Hyperion Guardsman Green Goblin Ghost Rider Firebird Fantastic Four (Modern) Fantastic Four (Classic Pack II) Fantastic Four (Classic Pack I)

[2014-Jul-02] Two Words: Toy Box! (or is that one word?)

Renegade Toybox Meshes!The Fortress continues its relentless march by making the work of one of the greats easily available once more. Yes, Renegade's Toybox has a new page on this site. I thought long and hard about this and since Renegade went on record in the forums as saying he was OK for someone to share his stuff (and since it is already being shared on the pain-in-the-butt Yahoo groups anyway), I setup a page for him. His stuff is a basic requirement for FF fans!

I also did reach out to him via PM, but realize he hasn't been active for years at this point. I used to have his email (I actually did my first skin ever for his Ray mesh) but have lost it . In any case, the first 19 meshes are up, with more to come.

[2014-Jul-08] OK, it's one word - Toybox!

OK it turns out it's one word (Renegade himself made it clear!) Pleased to be able to bring you 28 additional meshes now available for downloading on the Toybox page.

A little status report as well:

  • Working on EZHero 3.5 which fixes a few glitches but also adds the ability to override certain settings , as requested by Yellow Lantern. More info on that when it's released (just have one bug left to crush).
  • Working on EZFX 5.2 and EZFX 6.1 (may change name of 6.1 to 6.2 to make it all line up) - which will include many new FX for both games.
  • Continuing to update pages by Courtnall6, Renegade, and Johnny Patches.
  • Planning to start a new DevDiary that will cover my preparations and plans for the updated JLA Mod.
  • A few other things I still need to reveal.

[2014-Jul-09] The coming of ... EZ Search !

EZ Search for Freedom Force meshes and skinsDid you know there are currently 8 versions of Doctor Fate on my site? No? Neither did I!

Until I created ... EZ Search!

Now you can easily search through the nearly 1,500 skins and meshes currently hosted here to find what you're looking for. Right now, it does a simple check through names, but I may expand it to do even more in the future. (I've got some ideas).

Try it out by clicking the EZ Search link at the top of the Skins & Meshes page!

Let me know about anything not showing up in a search, I've fixed a few typos in names as I tested this out , but there may be more.


[2014-Jul-18] Patented MEGA-UPDATE [tm]

A nice big mix of stuff for today's update. First up, two of KennX's meshes have been updated to include FFv3R versions: Atomic Knight and Icon! A big thank you to hoss20 for doing the conversions and, of course, KennX for creating them in the first place!

Atomic Knight Icon (Milestone)

Next, we have 13 more skins by Courtnall6! A few notes on what I'm posting: I created the Daredevil 4Pack out of his old 2 Pack and 2 other of his Daredevil skins that I had but were not posted yet. I included his 2 versions of Thunderstrike in one download. Finally, I included both male_alpha and male_basic versions of Wolverine Leather in the one download as there are 2 versions of the wolverine_unmasked mesh out there.

Beta-Ray Bill Captain America Daredevil Deadpool Tarantula Thor with Beard Thor, Eric Masterson Thor, Lord of Asgard Thor, Lord of Asgard new version Thor (update) Thor (update 2) Thunderstrike Wolverine, leather uniform

Then, we follow it up with 7 classic meshes by The Beyonder himself. I also created FFv3R versions when needed for these. Thanks to hoss20 once more for converting Quicksilver to FFv3R.

Azrael No Cape Azrael No Cape, No Ears Doctor Octopus Vulture Quicksilver Rhino Thor

Finally, we bring it on home with 21 meshes by the skope master himself, Johnny Patches! To get them up to Fortress-spec, I've added std skins by daglob (thanks daglob!) and included FFv3R versions when needed. Big thanks to hoss20 and spydermann93 for converting a couple of troublesome meshes to FFv3R format. 

Abomination Beast Blackheart Black Talon Black Widow Black Widow (Timely) Dusk Hammer and Anvil Harpy Hornet Hypno Hustler Iron-Man Hulk-Buster male basic abs Man-Spider Rhino Salem 7 Brutacus Salem 7 Reptilia Scorpion Spider-Carnage Styx and Stone Venom

DaGlob[2014-Aug-21] Enter ... DaGlob! (and a MEGA-UPDATE)

The long-awaited August update is finally here! and it's a big one ...

Let's start off with the big news. The Fortress is very happy to welcome another new artist - DaGlob!

And he gets off to a fantastic start with 21 impressive creations!

Azrael Batman Blue Lady Blue Beetle Blue Beetle WWII Elastic Lad Fantastic Four Invincible Man Medusa Metal Master Nightshade Phantom Flyer Sinistro Boy Fiend Sky Chief Sky Wizard Solar Spider-Gal Stooges Super Youth Tick (alternate) Tick Lady X-Skrull

Next, 9 classic meshes have been added to Beyonder's page. I've added keyframes and FFv3R conversions where needed, 'cause here at the Fortress, we're all about making it EZ !

Black Bolt Blob Diablo DMenacer Dreadnought Hawkeye Hawkeye (alpha) Hawkgirl (no hair) Human Torch

Then we keep it going with 4 creations from El Insensatez

Cyclops Doctor Strange Dormammu Elektra

And then ... just to make sure we keep our rep as the World's Mightiest FF Fan site ... 15 more meshes from Johnny Patches - almost all of them with new skins by DaGlob! (1 by Courtnall6)

Special thanks to hoss20 for the FFv3R version of Fantasticar which is included in the download.

Ape-X Fantasticar Holocaust Modular Man Penance Prodigy Ricochet Seth Skrull Absorbing Skrull Black Bolt Skrull Captain America Skrull Spider-Woman Skrull Warbird Skrullossus Two-Gun Kid

[2014-Oct-07] Back in the game ...

September was extremely busy for me, so no updates, but I'm back in October to make up for it.

First off - 9 more meshes from the Beyonder's legendary output:

Ink Iron Man Klaw Modok Mystique Onslaught Pyro Scorpion Yondu

Then, a big 26 skins and meshes from DaGlob, our newest member here at the Fortress!

Barnabas Collins Brain Emperor Captain Monster Destroying Demon Detective Eye Dusk The Gay Ghost The Glob Green Sorceress Hip Knox Hyper The Phenomenal The Image Living Mummy Martan The Marvel Man Mastermind Mister Hyde The Moth The Mummy The Owl Radioactive Man Silver Banshee The Skull Spider Lady Spider Woman The Turtle Vanna Martan's Wife

And to top it off, 2 more skins from El Insensatez, 2 more meshes from Johnny Patches, and 3 more meshes from Renegade's Toybox!

Flash (Kingdom Come) Rama-Tut Skrull Elektra Skrulleye Killer Croc Luke Cage Master Man

Alex [2014-Nov-14] Skins, Meshes, and JLA Blog

This month's update is here! We start with 43 skins and meshes:

Beyonder is back with 5 more from his archives:

Dire Wolf Horse Octopus Doctor Shatterstar Wolf

Courtnall6 contributes another 18!

Aquaman Atom Batman (Hush) Batman Champion of the Universe Doctor Doom Flash Barry Allen Flash Wally West Power Girl Silver Samurai Silver Samurai update Silver Surfer Silver Surfer update Superman Kingdom Come Superman Red Son Superman X-Men Classic Yellowjacket

DaGlob adds 12 more to his rapidly increasing total! 

Black Widow Elasti-Girl Impossible Man Inque Madame Rouge Madame Rouge Plastic Man Plastic Woman Shape Shifter Shape Shifter VNV Ultrawoman Valkyrie

And Johnny Patches rounds it out with 8 more, with help from DaGlob on skins.

Big Wheel Big Wheel Strucker Scarecrow Skrull Ms Marvel Skrull Psylocke Skrull Thor Skrullverine Spider Women

Special thanks to hoss20 for fixing a couple of glitchy meshes so I could include a FFv3R version.

In other updates, I updated my menu with new buttons and icons. And the first installment of my JLA Mod blog is finally up on the newly-renamed Blog page!

alex [2014-Dec-08] Holiday Update #1!

Have a lot  brewing this month, so I'm going to split it into a couple of updates. This first one is going to be mostly work by the various resident artists here. It does take  me a while to get things like these uploaded, as I usually have to create new preview pics for everyone except DaGlob. I also fix minor issues like missing glow files or create FFv3r versions when needed. Hopefully, it makes it easier to use this stuff for the FF fans out there.

First, we start off with 5 meshes by Renegade:

Green Arrow and Speedy Hourman Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Sinestro Starman (Golden Age)

Then, 4 more meshes by Johnny Patches:

Mandrill Reavers Bonecrusher Smythe Stryfe

El Insensatez is back with 7 of his creations:

American Flagg Banshee Black Widow Captain Mar-Vell Doctor Strange 1964 Doctor Strange 1965-1981 Doctor Strange 1969

And DaGlob keeps growing his wing of the fortress with 11 more!

Amazo Canadian Shield Celsius Edge Master Key Mighty Mite Misery Miss Fear Ms. Marvel II She -Thing Mister Universe Striker

And to finish up this round of skin/mesh updates, Courtnall6 adds 26 more (this guy never runs out of stuff)!

Balder Bizarro Blizzard Blue Beetle Bronze Tiger C6 Blue Lantern C6 Green Lantern Captain Atom Dark Flash Doctor Fate Galactus Ion Kraven Magneto Professor Zoom Red Robin Sinestro 4 -Pack Sinestro update  Spider-Man Spider-Man (Alex Ross) Spider-Man (armoured) Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) Spider-Man (black) Spider-Man (cosmic) Wildcat Zoom

Also for this update, I've posted a new JLA Mod blog entry, #2 Making a list, checking it twice ...!


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