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The Fortress Archives - 2004 Updates

[2004-Jan-06] Ring in the new year with the DCU Mod

Happy New Year to all! I'm once again hosting the great DCU Mod for a few days starting today, so grab it now if you haven't gotten it yet. Get it right here

[2004-Feb-02] Grab the DCU Mod (before it kills my server again)!

It's been a while between updates (and we were down for a little while in Jan due to bandwidth issues), but we're back now! I'm once again hosting the great DCU Mod for a few days starting today, so grab it now if you haven't gotten it yet. Get it right here And congrats to the New England Pats on their Super Bowl victory! (it was quite a game, and the Panthers showed they deserved to be there, too)

[2004-Feb-10] JLA #7 Teaser!

Just a little JLA teaser, since FFVT3R is still a few months off, I'm back into it big-time. JLA 7 - DARKSEID IS THROUGH FOOLING AROUND ...

[2004-Mar-13] EZ Hero v2.0!

And we're back! After a long vacation (thanks to the bandwidth gods), the ol' Freedom Fortress returns with an important (well, I think so, anyway) utility for you all.

Check out my Goodies section for a new version of the original fan-made hero editor for Freedom Force, EZ Hero v2! This new version lets you edit most stats on your hero files (in addition to the mesh name which it originally did), supports FFX Squared attributes, and perhaps best of all for modders, will let you import a hero file directly into a mod's DAT files, with the click of a button. Yeah, you heard me! It's true!

[2004-May-02] Gigantic Skins update from Firestorm!

Been tied up with lots of other things, but I'm happy to announce new skins by Firestorm! Click the Skins link for his Firehawk and Phantom Lady. And also make sure to check out the "More Skins" link on the Skins page for 56 other skins not available previously!

[2004-Jun-01] MEGA Hero File Update

It's been a while, but trust me, I've been busy preparing a MEGA update for all the loyal fans of this site!

Getting back to what made Alex's Freedom Fortress great, I have 50(!) updates to hero files, including: Adam Strange, Amazo, Apocalypse, Blue Beetle, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Cosmic Boy, Count Vertigo, Deadshot, Doomsday, Dr. Fate, Dr. Fate (Golden Age), Dr. Strange, Element Lad, Fire, Firestorm, Flash, Galactus, Green Lanterns (Hal, John, Kyle, Guy), Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hulk, Human Torch, Ice, Iceman, Invisible Woman, Juggernaut, Magneto, Nightcrawler, Parademon (Atomic), Power Ring, Punisher, Quasar, Robin, Robin-Tim, Sandman (GA), Sinestro, Stargirl, Starman (Golden Age), Stompa, Storm, Thanos, Ultron, Wildcat, and Wolverine!

One very cool thing about this batch of updates is that, in addition to tons of new meshes and power tweaks, a lot of them take full advantage of Dr.Mike's FFX-Squared add-on to make them play better than ever (those Green Lanterns are wild now)! Check them out !

As if that weren't enough, I also have 12 brand-new hero files for you all: Abomination, Atom (Golden Age), Atom (1948), Bizarro, Eclipso, Hourman, Hourman (Golden Age), Human Torch (Golden Age), Mary Marvel, Zyklon, and just for the heck of it two Transformers: Optimus Prime and Megatron!

[2004-Jun-03] EZ Hero v2.5 arrives

I've released a new version of my EZ Hero utility. This version (2.5) has the following new features and fixes.

1. Added the ability type in voice codes
2. Added support for FFX 2.3
3. Fixed Send to DAT bug that had Stasis attacks imported as Crushing
4. Fixed Sent to DAT bug where Active and Passive D's didn't have Attack or Damage types set
5. Fixed Send to DAT bug where Active D duration was always short
6. Fixed intermittent bug where Powers would disappear on occasion when saving.

[2004-Jun-05] The Fortress grows ...

We have some exciting news here at the ol' Freedom Fortress! A couple of new folks are joining in on the fun and sharing their great stuff with you all. Please help me welcome Lightning Man and The Beyonder as they join our resident artist, Firestorm, under the new "Skins and Meshes" section.

[2004-Jun-06] The Fortress grows some more ...

Hmmm ... I may have to add a new wing to the ol' Freedom Fortress as we gain yet another contributor. Saracen (one of his many aliases) jumps on the Freedom Fortress train with some unique meshes for your FF gaming pleasure. Check 'em out in the Skins & Meshes section.


Also have a look at my updated Mods & Goodies page, where I've put up some new links to mods I'm playing now!

Plus, Firestorm delivers some skins from his old site: the Superman 2 Phantom Zone Villains: Non, Ursa, and Zod. Get 'em in the Danger Room with Superman now and make the Son of Jor-El bow before Zod!

[2004-Jun-17] Courtnall6 joins the Fortress!

More great news today as Da Fortress gains another resident artist. Please join me in welcoming Courtnall6 ! Check out his first installment of over 150(!) skins in his new section under Skins & Meshes. Including his newest: four versions of Hourman (I, II, III, and Modern) and his own interpretations of possible offspring for the Superman and Wonder Woman of Kingdom Come - Marvel and Troia II.

And yes, I said "his first installment", as there are a lot more skins joining the party very soon.

[2004-Jun-18] Avatars by Courtnall6

While cleaning out his knapsack, Courtnall6 found some extra Avatar skins tucked away in there. Aly Catt, Blood Shadow, Captain Spud, Dark Magik, Podmark, and Tater Tot are now available for you to use (or abuse) in the FF Danger Room!

[2004-Jun-21] EZHero 2.6 Plus Guess What Happened to KennX!

OK, I've released a new version of my EZ Hero utility. This version (2.6) has the following new features and fixes:
1. Fixed a problem with powers sometimes losing their type (melee, projectile, etc) when moving them around (thx for reporting this, kuertee)
2. Added support for FFX 2.3 attributes (Full version)
3. Fixed Send To DAT problems with melee (min and max range are now set right) and Passive Defenses (success rate now set properly)
4. Fixed the choices in the Accuracy list on Projectile powers

Hopefully, this is the last round of fixes, so I can now use it to finish my mods!

And some more exciting news - KennX joins Alex's Freedom Fortress and reveals himself, er... I mean, he reveals over 50 hexed mesh and skin packs (we're still a family site here). Check out his excellent work in the Skins and Meshes section.

[2004-Jun-22] I'm going to need a bigger Fortress

The Freedom Fortress expansion continues as we're joined by El Insensatez, who brings 50 nicely crafted skins to the party.

[2004-Jun-24] KennX rocks the Fortress!

Big update from KennX today - 9 hexed mesh/skin packs and 4 skins including: Adam Strange (small rockets), Captain Comet (AS_Basic_holster), Thunderbolt, T.O. Morrow, T.O. Morrow Robot, Wonder Woman (40's), Wonder Woman (70's), Hour-Man, Spectre, Starman, and Wonder Woman (50's)!

[2004-Jun-06] Seven new skins from Courtnall6

Courtnall6 contributes 7 new skins today: Amazo (Classic), Batman and Robin (Classic & Modern versions), Black Canary (Golden Age and Modern versions), Nightwing, and Wild Dog. Plus, 50+ older skins have been added to his section. Check 'em all out!

[2004-Jun-28] New Beyonder mesh

The Beyonder makes a triumphant return with Female_Basic_Wings (this guy has a billion meshes).

[2004-Jul-03] New Legion skins!

This just in: Six new Legion skins from El Insensatez. Grab 'em while they're hot!

[2004-Jul-05] Courtnall6 adds 35 more skins!

Quickie update today as I add 35 more of Courtnall6's skins to his More Skins section.

[2004-Jul-07] Enter ... Tommyboy!

The Alex's Freedom Fortress Dance Party is just getting started as we welcome mesh-master, Tommyboy. Check out his first installment of 16 meshes (and get out of the way, I gotta bust a move!)

[2004-Jul-09] KennX is back with more

KennX unleashes his latest creations: Hector Hammond (in chair and as a giant head - spooky), as well as Silver Swan.

[2004-Jul-11] Saracen stirs ...

Saracen awakens from a cheesy-poof stupor to deliver a bunch of nifty new meshes: Modern Age Crusader, Parademon (hmmm ... finally something useful from this guy :) ), Ricochet, Shade The Changing Man, and Slab.

[2004-Jul-13] The Return of KennX 

Another day, another update ...

KennX is back with a bunch of new hexed meshes: Aquaman_classic, Aquaman_modern, Black_manta_small_helmet, Doctor_occult_pv_kx, Hawkgirl_big_mace, Hawkwoman_maceless, Tarzan_TM, and Tarzan_no_bow_TM. Enjoy!

[2004-Jul-18] EZFX v5.0 is here!

Today, I deliver the update you've all been waiting for: EZFX v5.0! With nearly 900 FX, this is the biggest FX collection ever. Also, it's compatible with Dr.Mike's FFX 2.3. If you are using both add-ons, just install FFX 2.3 first and then EZFX 5 - no fuss, no muss. Grab it while my server is still standing! And thanks to FXFORCE.COM for mirroring!

[2004-Aug-01] One of our patented MEGA updates!

And we're back!
First up today, El Insensatez continues his excellent Legion skin series with: Molecular Master, Night Girl, Polar Boy, Universo, and the White Witch!

Then, Courtnall6 unleashes 22 new or updated skins: Adam Strange (with hexed mesh), Amazo (with hexed mesh), 3 Aquaman skins (Classic, Modern, and Hook), Atom, Atom Smasher, Bizarro, Bizarro (Alternate), Captain Atom (Alternate), Captain Marvel, Count Vertigo, Johnny Quick (Golden Age), Kyle Rayner, Mister Miracle, Psycho Pirate, Red Tornado, Sentinel, Superman, Supreme, and Zyklon!

In addition, I've also put up 42 more of Courtnall6's older skins on his "More Skins" page.

One other note: my Recipes section is still being worked on, so the individual recipes pages are not available at present, but you can download all the hero files in one ZIP file as always. All the individual pages should be back up soon (with plenty of updates).

[2004-Aug-03] Revamped Freedom Fans Site!

A bunch of new updates for Da Fortress are just around the corner, but I wanted to point out to all loyal Freedom Force fans that a new revamped Freedom Fans site is also happening any second (as you can tell by the message there)! Keep checking back there for the beginning of the next grand era of Freedom Force gaming!

[2004-Aug-04] EZ FX v5.1 released!

Today, I'm releasing an updated EZFX, version 5.1. This version fixes some minor problems with the last one (see EZFX page for details on fixes). I've also put together a Patched version (only 300K or so) for those of you who downloaded version EZFX 5.0 previously. Enjoy!

[2004-Aug-11] MEGA update courtesy of KennX

Here at Da Fortress we like to do it up MEGA-style, so brace yourselves as KennX returns with a HUGE update! Behold the 38 hexed meshes and skins he's dropped off for your gaming pleasure: 2 Golden Age Atom variant meshes, Blue Jay, The Comet (Silver Age), Crimson Avenger, Dr. Polaris (60s and 80s versions), Kid Flash, Lightray, Robin (Classic), Samaritan, Starman (Will Payton), Wondergirl (ponytail), Zatanna, Six (!) Golden Age Atom costume variants, The Comet (red circle version), Dr. Fate (Classic and Hector versions), Elongated Man (classic purple costume), four Hawkman variants, Nazi Soldier, Nazi SS Stormtrooper, Shaloman, and 3 Starman variants! Whew, I need to sit down.

[2004-Aug-15] A trio of meshes from Tommyboy

The boyz here at Da Fortress are always working for their share of the never-ending supply of beer and cheesy-poofs. So today, mesher supreme (and master rapper), Tommyboy, unleashes some more of his meshes: Chameleon_Boy2_t, Female_versatile_flash, and Warrior_versatile_t.

[2004-Aug-16] The AFF Mailing List

Special note today - I've recently sent emails to everyone on the AFF mailing list asking them to confirm their desire to be on the list (by clicking a link in the email). I had to do this as I moved the mailing list to a Yahoo mailgroup (the old way I was managing it isn't available to me anymore). To date, I've gotten back responses from about 1/3 of the list. So if you have gotten that email (and still want to be on the list), please confirm. Thx!

[2004-Aug-18] Eight new skins from El Sensatez

Eight more excellent skins from El Insensatez today - Brainwave (1942), Mento, Polar Boy, The Shark, Time Trapper, Arkkis Chummuck and Tomar Re of the Green Lantern Corps, and Ultra Boy (Silver Age)!

[2004-Aug-28] Fortress House Party ...

We were down to our last bag of cheesy-poofs ... Mix-master Tommyboy had rocked the hizzouse, but Lightning Man and KennX had spilled Zima all over his DJ rig ...Courtnall6 was passed out on the pool table ... Firestorm had decided to explore the woods surrounding Da Fortress but hadn't been heard from in days ... El Insensatez  went to look for him, armed only with a bottle-opener ... after winning the chili-eating contest, Saracen had been in the bathroom for hours (and I wasn't going to go get him)

Yep, the party may have been winding down ... But suddenly, I heard a knock on the door and I ran to see who it was!

Why ... it was J_FOAM!
Carrying bag after bag of cheesy poofs!

He'd heard about the party and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. "Go get Saracen out of the can and you're in!", I quickly negotiated. "No problem", he said. I can only assume his full face mask must shield him somehow. ... and, oh yeah, he brought 24 new meshes for you all.

A flurry of updates today! As mentioned above, J_Foam signs up for eternal servitude ... er, I mean ... for a neat page here ... with 24 hexed meshes!

Plus, Saracen adds Parademon_versatile, a very cool flying henchman (8 hexes and 3 skins in the package!), and Silver Ghost.

[2004-Sep-01] A Dozen more skins from Courtnall6!

That Courtnall6 can sure do some purty skins! -  check out his latest batch of 12 TGA masterpieces: Auridian, Blue Cross, Burnout 2-Pack, Force98, Matrix, Mighty Man, MikeB7, MJB 2-Pack, Hal Jordan - new Rebirth uniform (YAY!), Ro Talag, Superman of Earth-D, and Thanagarian Soldier!

[2004-Sep-04] KennX is made of meshes (and skins) ...

KennX once again attempts to overflow Da Fortress' defenses with a ton of new updates: Atom (Ray Palmer) hexes and skins (Really Tiny, Sword of The Atom, Teen Titans look, 80s look, Power of The Atom look, Current), Black Cat (Classic), Casper, Despero (Silver Age), Doctor Mid-Nite, Firebrand I (male_basic_do-rag), updated Green Lantern (Alan) mesh and additional skin (Silver Age look), Mento, Mr. Terrific, Power Girl (standard, alternate, and JLE look), Prince Planet (mesh and manga skin), Red Tornado (Ma Hunkle) update, Supergirl (classic, adult, and gloves), Target and the Targeteers, Black Canary (Golden Age and Silver Age packs), and Captain Thunder of Earth 1.

[2004-Sep-11] Meshes by J_Foam

Today, J_Foam is back with 6 new meshes: Kanjar Ro, Kato_PVTS, Kato_Serial_PVTS, Namor_Trident, Namor_Trident_Swimmer, Oconner_Switch, Shadow_PV, TM_Batman_Ink (Cordless Fix).

[2004-Sep-23] KennX doesn't stop ...

Today, more (a lot more) contributions from KennX: Batman (3 hexed meshes and 2 skins), Cheetah (Classic), Icarus, Lex Luthor (Classic), Paragon, Photon, Red Tornado II, Robin (adult), Sandy, Starro (oh yeah!), Robin (All-Star Super Squadron and Infinity Inc looks), Sandman (Golden Age), and Wildcat. You know ya gots to have em all!

[2004-Sep-28] The latest skins from Courtnall6

Today, 15 more incredible skins from the master himself, Courtnall6: Anti-Batman, Anti-Superman, Commander Steel, Dr.Fate/Green Lantern combo, Guardian (2Pack), Mongul, Sinestro (Alternate), Superman (The Movie), Vindicator, and updates to Ion, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner (Ultimate), Mr. Majestic, and Superman (Alternate and Kingdom Come).

[2004-Oct-09] KennX cannot be stopped, you can only hope to contain him ...

We leap into October with another awesome contribution from KennX - 10 new meshes and 2 new skins: Booster Gold (FUV_T), Chief, Copperhead (notail), Green Arrow (JLA_K), Mighty Girl (FUV_T), Monocle, Red Tornado (updated Ma Hunkel), Speedy (New Teen Titans), Supergirl (FUV_T), Supergirl (Adult FUV_T).

Plus, a quickie update to the Material and Resistances Chart (in Goodies).

[2004-Oct-29] Three new ones from Courtnall6

Three new skins from Courtnall6, including a spiffy Golden Age version of my Avatar! Thx man! Skins include: Abenavides (Golden Age), Hawk and Dove, and Night Dragon (2Pack).


[2004-Nov-03] The Revenge of Tommyboy !

Tommyboy is back with 5 new meshes: Dawnstar_new, Emerald Empress, Tharok, Validus, and Winged Horse Knight! And J_Foam contributes a new mesh: PV_The_Shade.

Also, I'm selling off some of my comics on eBay (toddler = need more space and cash :) ). Only a few things up now (hope to add more later), but check 'em out if you're looking for that comic you need.

[2004-Nov-27] New stuff from KennX 

The latest goodies from KennX are here! Feast your eyes on: Die-Hard, Huntress, Merlyn, and 2 versions of the Star-Spangled Kid!


[2004-Dec-23] Merry X-Mas from Courtnall6

Just in time for X-Mas, Santa Courtnall6 unleashes new skins for all you fans of the World's Mightiest Freedom Force Fan Site! The gift pack includes: Captain Canuck, Fyre Hawk (3-Pack), and Red Tornado (Redesign). Happy holidays to all!

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