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The Fortress Archives - 2005 Updates

[2005-Jan-06] Ring in the new year with the DCU Mod

Welcome to a new year at the Freedom Fortress and it should be a big one for all you Freedom Force fans. The long-anticipated sequel to everyone's favorite superhero game is right around the corner (various recent magazine skinmesh/s say it should be out around March-April). In fact, is taking pre-orders for the game right now. I've ordered mine, go get yours now!

Today, we have a bit of a blast from the past. I am posting 33 original skins by the first artist at this site, Firestorm. Most of them are of FF community members and were done a couple of years back, but have never been collected all in one place. Check 'em all out on Firestorm's page under Skins & Meshes!

[2005-Jan-23] KennX introduces the RC Universe

KennX is back with a set of 12 original meshes and skins, based on his RC Universe. Read more about the RC universe at and check out the cool stuff on KennX's page under Skins and Meshes.

[2005-Jan-30] Face the FAQ!

I've put up a heavily updated FAQ page.

[2005-Feb-06] Grab the DCU Mod (before it kills my server again)!

A furious flurry of updates at the Freedom Fortress today! First, KennX conjures up 9 new meshes and skins.


Then, J_Foam adds 11 new hexed meshes of his own (and 1 update!)

Lightning Man chips in with a new skin

and Courtnall6 chimes in with 3 new skin packs containing 16 new skins!

[2005-Feb-08] New skin by Lightning Man

A quickie update today: Lightning Man continues his "obscure" skin collection by adding Liberator!

[2005-Feb-14] The Ladies Man wanders into the Fortress

A little Valentine's Day gift for fans of the World's Mightiest FF site - a new mesher joins our ranks, the legendary Interceptor (a.k.a. "The Ladies Man"). Curl up with some soft music and enjoy his first batch of ten lovely meshes.

[2005-Feb-19] New skins by C6 and Lightning Man

Lightning Man turns up the "Obscurity" by adding Pyroman!

Also, Courtnall6 unleashes 6 versions of his own Avatar!

[2005-Mar-02] More Nedor skins by Lightning Man

Lightning Man continues his Nedor characters series with 3 versions of Miss Masque (featuring hexes by KennX).

[2005-Mar-04] More meshes from Interceptor

Today, ten more meshes from Interceptor ("The Ladies Man") including female_basic_amazon with a new standard skin by Lightning Man. Enjoy!

[2005-Mar-08] New J_Foam meshes

J_Foam is back with 5 new meshes. Check out Brown Hornet, Headless Zombie, Hitman (cord fix), Robotman, and Thorn!

[2005-Mar-12] More Tommyboy meshes and new site logo!

Tommyboy contributes 4 new meshes for your gaming pleasure: Bouncing Boy, Felix Faust, Persuader, and White Witch. Plus an update to his Winged Horse Knight.


And special thanks to Courtnall6 for our new site logo!

[2005-Mar-18] Courtnall6's The Real Reich

Today, we have a new "mod" for Freedom Force vs The Third Reich! Courtnall6 has put together some new artwork and bonus skins to enhance your gaming experience. Check out The Real Reich, on our Mods page!

[2005-Mar-24] Greycount joins the Fortress

Big update today! Say hello to a new artist here at the Freedom Fortress, Greycount! And he's brought 84 Legion skins with him! Also, an update to my Material Resistances page - it now includes the info for FFv3R. (a big thx to Stumpy!)

[2005-Apr-03] FFv3R skins by Interceptor

Interceptor contributes the first FFv3R (DDS format) skins for this site. Check out his JLA: Year One collection!

[2005-Apr-10] New Avatars by Courtnall6

A very nice-looking assortment of 13 avatars by Courtnall6 today!

[2005-Apr-15] Sand by Tommyboy and updated Real Reich

Today, Tommyboy gets off the Legion meshes for just one second and sends us a nifty Sand mesh. (Now back to the Legion meshes!)

Plus, a quick fix - I've updated Courtnall6's Real Reich mod to use DDS format skins. This will fix a problem that happens in Rumble Room (and probably MP mode) when using the updated characters like Nazi General. Basically, the old skin would still show up because the game would find the original DDS skins and use them instead of the modified TGAs.

I'd recommend first uninstalling The Real Reich mod if you had used it before and then downloading and installing the new one (version 1.1) from my Goodies page.

[2005-Apr-16] Justintyme joins the Fortress

The Freedom Fortress is pleased to welcome a new artist, Justintyme! Check out his first batch of 7 skins:

[2005-Apr-23] Status Update

Just some info today:

- I will be changing web hosts next week (April 30), so the site may be tough to get to for a few days around then. The URL address remains the same.

- The latest patch for FF (v1.3) fixes the problem with Windows XP SP2 and can be downloaded at

- Still working on new versions of EZFX (v6) and EZHero (v3) for FFv3R. I'd say EZHero is about 80% and EZFX is about 75%.

[2005-May-01] New Home and MEGA Update to celebrate

And we're back! To celebrate our new internet home, I'm unleashing an update of super-heroic proportions.

First up, fan-fave Courtnall6 drops by with 5 skins: Aquaman (alternate), Black Adam, Green Lantern (Fantasy), Martian Manhunter, and Owlman.


Then, hexing-deity KennX adds 13 new meshes and skins to his huge collection: Batgirl (60's and 80's versions), Catwoman (50's and 80's versions), Horned Owl Gang, Iron Hand, Scavenger, Sentinel, Wonderman, Enforcer, Lightning, Mister Alpha, and Robin as Batman.

Not to be outdone, mesh-master Tommyboy chimes in with 9 new meshes: Azrael, Colossal Boy 1, Ferro Lad, Karate Kid (2 versions), Mon-El, Superboy, Timber Wolf, and Ultra Boy.

And if all that wasn't enough, I'm also releasing my brand-new add-on for Freedom Force vs The Third Reich, Superhero TV! Get it now on the Goodies page to add watch-mode to the FFv3R Rumble Room!

Keep watching Da Fortress, plenty more stuff coming your way before too long!

[2005-May-05] New C6 skins!

Today, the latest creations from Courtnall6 have arrived! Updates to Atom Smasher, Kid Flash, and Robin (in the Batman & Robin Classic Pack). Plus Golden Age versions of Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr., and Flash Gordon!

[2005-May-14] New skins by Justintyme

Justintyme adds seven new skins for your gaming pleasure. Enjoy!


[2005-May-18] One of our patented MEGA updates

Today we have a MEGA update as only Da Fortress can deliver!

First up, the pleasingly prolific Courtnall6 drops by with his 7 latest skins.

Then, Greycount unleashes a bombastic barrage of 12 skins.

And finally, Interceptor stupendously shares a mesh and 7 skins, all for FFv3R!

[2005-Jun-04] EZ-NIF Convert released!

A quick, but useful, update today. Lightning Man contributes EZ Nif Convert, a graphical utility to convert meshes from FF to FFv3r format. Grab it on the Goodies page.

[2005-Jun-09] More great stuff from the Fortress

More new goodies from The Fortress today! First up, Tommyboy shares the three latest creations from his mesh factory: Manhunter, Wildfire (2 Pack), and Zatanna!


Then, Justintyme drops by with seven new skins: Alexander Luthor, Captain Nazi, Dr. Fate (Golden Age), Fury (Golden Age) with bonus skin Tisiphone, Orion, Sand for Tommyboy's Sand mesh, and Thinker. Enjoy!

[2005-Jun-20] EZ NIF Convert v2.0 released!

The newest version of EZ Nif Convert (v2) by Lightning Man arrives today! Get it on the Goodies page to easily adjust mesh lighting etc!

[2005-Sep-04] Legion of Super Updates

Unfortunately, personal family issues have left me with very little time for Freedom Force in recent months. I do hope to get back in the swing of things eventually, but in the meantime, I am very happy to have an update for you today.

Greycount is back with 12 new/updated skins, showing off his Legion-y mastery. Enjoy!

[2005-Oct-15] Grab the DCU Mod (before it kills my server again)!

Still have lots to deal with in real life, but thanks to some modding buddies of mine, there's a new FF mod ! Get the long-anticipated Forum Battle Royale 2 and enjoy. (be warned, though, it's a hefty download.

Grab it on the Goodies page!

[2005-Nov-07] C6 releases 24 new and updated skins

A bit late with this, but Courtnall6 is back with a 24 cool new and updated skins. Enjoy!


[2005-Dec-03] EZFX 6.0 released

At last! The much-delayed EZFX 6.0 for Freedom Force vs the Third Reich is finally available!

Hope to add more FX in the future, but the 180 in this pack will hopefully tide you over a for a little while. It includes a bunch of new ones created specifically for FFv3R by IPS, Interceptor, and me, plus many old favorites from FF which I've ported over.

Grab it on my Goodies page!

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