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The Fortress Archives - 2020 Updates

[2020-Aug-16] Yet Another Update!

Keeping the streak alive, here's another update for all you Freedom Force fans out there!

First up, there's a new update of the Freedom Force Classic Mod (now at version 7). This latest update fixes some missing NIFs that cause a crash on the Prehistoric Panic mission. (And I double-tested the installer to avoid my usual mistake when I build this mod for distribution!)

Also this month, the EZFX credits pages have been updated to show the version of EZFX that a specific FX was first released in. I also changed the formatting to make it a bit easier to read and corrected a database problem that was causing the page to not always show all the FX. I am still working on EZFX version 6.2.

Thanks to DaGlob for putting together FFv3R versions of some KennX meshes that would not convert to FFv3R. They are actually found in Lightning Man's Gallery, as Kenn did them for LM. We can now enjoy them in FFv3R!

Miss Mask Miss Masque Miss Masque

And finally, we have some newly uploaded skins and meshes from the Fortress' resident artists.

Deadshot Doc Samson General Eiling Hellboy Scarlet Spider
Absorbing Man Doctor Spectrum Gladiator Green Lantern Kilowog Major Force Robin Tim Drake Vigilante

[2020-Jul-3] For Freedom!

For the 4th of July, I'm posting the rest of Renegade's classic Captain America meshes as well as a few other shield-slingers from his ToyBox. Thanks to Cyber Burn for providing me a few of these.

Captain America Bucky Captain America Captain America Captain America Captain America Captain America Captain America Captain America Captain America Captain America US Agent US Agent  Canadian Shield Red Guardian Patriot

The ever-creative DaGlob is also back with 7 more creations! Three of them (Triumph, Tarantula, and The Phantasm) feature skopes by Cyber_Burn.

Blue Flame Triumph Tarantula The Phantasm Miss America Spider-Man Diana

Also in this update, I've posted an updated Freedom Force Classic Mod (v6) to correct a problem with the installer. Thanks to spydermann93 for catching it.

Finally, a special thanks to DaGlob for creating FFv3R fixes for some older meshes by Greycount (Flare, Lamprey, Lightning Lass, Phantom Girl). Thanks to him, we can now enjoy them in FFv3R. He has also sent me some fixes for a few KennX meshes which I will add to my next update.

[2020-Jun-28] Beware The Beyonder!

A quick but historic update today. It only took about 18 years, but I've now posted the remaining Beyonder meshes I had on my hard drive. His X-Men Evolution collection is now complete. I've also split the generic male mesh packs into individual downloads with keyframes (over 70 meshes). Finally, I've added the female generic meshes (more than 50, featuring standard skins by Firestorm!) If there are other Beyonder meshes I'm unaware of, let me know!

Note that all the downloads in the artist sections now indicate skin or mesh, so you know what to expect.

UPDATE: Thanks to Wyldfyre for sending me the X-men Evolution Samuel and Scott meshes. I've added them now as well.

X-Men Evolution Samuel X-Men Evolution Scott Cyclops X-Men Evolution Kitty X-Men Evolution Ray X-Men Evolution Rhane X-Men Evolution Roberto X-Men Evolution Rogue X-Men Evolution Spyke

[2020-Jun-14] Alex's Summer Update!

With summer coming up, I'm back with another Fortress update! For starters, I've added a little slide show of Freedom Force pics at the top of this homepage. Will add more pics in the future as this initial attempt was just a quick test of some code .

Also in this update, I post more classic stuff from Renegade's Toybox!

Black Lightning Black Lightning Jade Green Lantern John Stewart Green Lantern John Stewart Green Lantern John Stewart Green Lantern Green Lantern John Stewart John Stewart Green Lantern John Stewart Green Lantern Punisher Battlestar Wolverine Wolverine Toy Planes Doctor Phosphorus

Freedom ForceAnd finally, I've created a new version of the FF Classic Mod, the first one since 2016! Version 5 has a number of changes, including:

  • Fix for missing truck error in mission 4
  • Fix for crash in mission 5 when Nick speaks and for clicking on "dead" Nick
  • Fix for turrets in mission 4
  • Fix for some missing caption text
  • Adjusted Mission1 point awards so MinuteMan can purchase power in mission 2 tutorial (FFv3R has different pt calculations than FF, which causes a problem)
  • Added the original menu screens from FF
  • Added the opening Irrational animation (Sea Urchin) from FF
  • Added the credits from FF
  • Added the start intro from FF
  • Relabeled TEAM button to TRAIN and RUMBLE ROOM to DANGER ROOM
  • New, cleaner launch shortcut

There are likely still bugs left to find, but this version is much closer to the classic FF experience. Grab it on the MODS page!

[2020-May-23] EZ Hero Strikes Back!

Probably been years since I did 3 updates in a month but here we are! First up, more works by our resident artists!


Ten more from the very prolific DaGlob!
Armless Tiger-Man Firebrand Fire-Eater Hellrider Mad Hatter Mr Freek and Bruto Muscleman Nocturne Pymo the Rubberman Popeye
Three more classic meshes released from Renegade's Toybox
Doll Man Guy Gardner Ultimate Captain America

But wait ! There's more! The first new EZ Hero in 4 years!

This new 4.0 version adds some significant new features:
  • NIF Convert - yes, you can now convert a mesh from FF to FFv3R format directly in EZ Hero. It leaves your old mesh as a backup (renamed with an "ff_" prefix). It does not require NET framework to be installed and also supports stumpy's lighting fix as an option
  • Mesh Install - instantly install a mesh to the right folder! Great for newbs or lazy people like me! Select a mesh to install with the button or, EVEN  BETTER, just drag and drop a mesh (or multiple meshes at once!) onto the EZ Hero screen to get them all installed.

EZ Hero will warn you if a mesh folder already exists. Also, for mesh archives that have FF and FFv3R files in them - it will even install only the ones you need for the game you have listed in your settings. Check out the EZ Hero page for more info! NOTE: The vast majority (I'd guess 90-95%) of mesh archives will work but those that use uncommon folder structures or multi-packs won't. Always have backups!

[2020-May-17] Two updates in a month!

Yes, I have now doubled the number of 2019 updates.

  • First, a minor (but useful) change to the site. The EZ Search feature now appears right at the top of all Skins & Meshes pages, saving you clicks if you're looking for something.

  • Alex's Atlas has 49 new map entries: including the 4 "blank" terrains from the original Freedom Force game (they came with the original FF editor) and all the FFv3R maps! It's just one long page with pics right now, but hope to make it filterable soon.

And finally, more offerings from our resident artists:


A sweet new Wonder Woman mesh and 5-skin pack from DaGlob
Wonder Woman
Still cleaning out my folders all these years later. Here are 11 more meshes and 24 keyframes files by Beyonder.
Katana Samurai Chef The Beyonder Duck Awesome Android X-Men Evolution Amara X-Men Evolution Bobby X-Men Evolution Boom Boom X-Men Evolution Jamie X-Men Evolution Jean Grey X-Men Evolution Jubilee
Two more skins by Courtnall6
She-Hulk Nightcrawler
Two meshes by Renegade (with skins by Courtnall6)
Luke Cage Luke Cage

[2020-May-2] EZFX 6.1 - It's happening!

In another update I thought I'd never make, I've completed EZFX 6.1, 4 years after I started it back in 2016 (and 15 years after EZFX 6!). EZFX is an FX pack for FFv3R and adds over 600 power FX to the game, many by me, but most from other members of the community. As always, get it on my Goodies page and check out the full credits! NOTE: EZFX6.1 should installed AFTER FFX3.3 (if you're using FFX, which you really should be :) ) Special thanks to Cyber Burn for all his help on this.

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