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Alex's Freedom Fortress - EZ Nif Convert

EZ Hero

Have you found a great new mesh that would be just perfect for that hero file it took you 3 hours to get just right? Wouldn't it be great if you could instantly just change the mesh for the hero file, rather than having to create it all again from scratch? Or maybe you have hundreds of hero files and you want to get into modding. Gee, that seems like a waste, to have to type all that stuff in again. Wouldn't it be better if you could just send your hero file over to your mod's .DAT files?

Well, now you can with EZ Hero!

EZ Hero toolEZ Hero is a standalone app I wrote that you can use to edit Hero Files for both FF games (FF and FFv3R). It's great for working on hero files without having to boot up the whole game and it allows you to edit certain things that you can't in the game itself, such as the mesh that a hero file was created with.


All this is done via a simple graphical interface, not very different from the one in the games. Features include:

  1. Create new hero files from scratch even without the game
  2. Edit Mesh Name as well as all other hero stats and attributes
  3. Support for FFX and custom attributes via a simple text INI file you add new attribute names to
  4. Easily convert hero files from FF to FFv3R formats and vice versa
  5. Batch convert an entire folder of hero files from 1 format to the other
  6. Auto-corrects FFv3R files that have full paths for meshes (problem caused by another hero file editor)
  7. Send to TXT function for hero files

EZ Hero DAT import for modders Modding Made Easier!

In addition, EZHero has a powerful Send to DAT button that will transfer hero file info directly to a mod's DAT files (a huge time-saver for modders!).

  1. This works for both FF and FFv3R mods
  2. FF/FFv3R Character, template, and power names are all limited to about 29 letters, so I usually make the prefix a 2 letter code like HG for Hyperguy to make the power names shorter. EZHero allows you to specify a prefix for powers when converting rather than leaving it the same as the hero file name 
  3. Batch-process an entire folder of hero files and load them into DAT files all at once
  4. By clicking the Send To DAT button, you select a DAT files folder (your mod's folder), what the hero should be named in the Character and Template tabs (default is hero file name) and a short prefix to use for naming powers (also defaults to the hero file name)

NOTE: It's recommended that you NOT be running FFEDIT at the same time that you use the "Send To DAT" feature to avoid some data not getting moved over properly.

Version History

EZ Hero 1.0 (Dec 1, 2002) - Initial Release

Change that mesh!

EZ Hero v2.0 (Mar 13, 2004)

  • EZ Hero now also allows you to change most hero file stats, supports FFX-squared attributes as of version 2.2, and can send the hero info directly to a mod's DAT files. 

EZ Hero v2.5 (Jun 3, 2004)

  • Added the ability type in voice codes
  • Added support for FFX 2.3
  • Fixed Send to DAT bug that had Stasis attacks imported as Crushing
  • Fixed Sent to DAT bug where Active and Passive D's didn't have Attack or Damage types set
  • Fixed Send to DAT bug where Active D duration was always short
  • Fixed intermittent bug where Powers would disappear on occasion when saving.

EZ Hero v2.6 (Jun 20, 2004)

  •  Added support for FFX 2.3 attributes (Full version)
  • Fixed a problem with powers sometimes losing their type (melee, projectile, etc) when moving them around (thx for reporting this, kuertee)
  • Fixed Send To DAT problems with melee (min and max range are now set right) and Passive Defenses (success rate now set properly)
  • Fixed the choices in the Accuracy list on Projectile powers

EZ Hero v3.0 (Aug 8, 2007)

  • Supports hero files for both Freedom Force (FF) and Freedom Force vs The Third Reich (FFv3R)R)
  •  Lets you save to either format at any time
  •  It will batch convert a whole folder from 1 format to the otherer
  •  It will Send hero file info to DAT files for FF and FFv3R mods (EZHero2.6 did it only for FF mods)s)
  •  Send to DAT feature now has health override optionon
  •  Has all the latest attributes in FFX 3.2, but now also lets you easily add custom ones
  •  EZAI tool for FF (thx to Taskmaster for all his input on this)

EZ Hero v3.1 (Aug 9, 2007)

  • Now handles FFv3R files that have full path for mesh (caused by other hero file editor). It auto-corrects this to the relative path

EZ Hero v3.2 (Aug 10, 2007)

  • Fixed a problem saving Material for FFv3R files.
  • Corrected minor glitches in Send to TXT function

EZ Hero v3.3 (Mar 10, 2009)

  • New Tool to easily send an entire folder of hero files to DAT all at once! Great for modding..
  • Corrected problem with melee ranges in created DAT files
  • Corrected misc problems with some damage types on FF files (for rare types like Cerebral Balance, etc)

EZ Hero v3.4 (Jun 10, 2014)

  • Fully supports DDS-format portraits
  • Input a weight value directly into the hero file (no pulldowns)
  • All FFX 3.3 Attributes are built-in by default (you can still add your own)
  • Additional materials are supported: Air, Cloth, Concrete
  • Sending a hero file to DAT will now auto-generate text in your strings.txt, great timesaver for modders
  • New Smart Settings screen and Smart Paths - lets you check and set all your paths (Hero Files, FF Meshes, FFv3R meshes, DAT files) easily. Automatically adjusts to the right path based on what type of file you are editing (FF or FFv3R). The pulldowns include common FF/FFv3R paths for GOG, Steam, or CD, or type your own.
  • Runs on all versions of Windows (including 7 and Win8.1) - no need for additional COMDLG32.OCX file

EZ Hero v3.5 (Jul 29, 2015)

  • Added ability to use ALL EP Costs for ALL powers in either game, FF or FFv3R! EZHero will say "(FF)" next to options that are only officially supported in FF
  • Removed weight boxes from Send To DAT screens (as hero files can now hold custom weights)
  • Bug fixes to EP Cost display for Special powers
  • Bug fixes to Batch Send To DAT function
  • Bug fixes to Active Defense display

EZ Hero v3.6 (Sep 10, 2015)

  • Fixed Send to Text bug. EZHero once again creates text file summaries of your hero files. It also now automatically names the text file the same name as your hero file and puts it on your desktop.

EZ Hero v3.7 (Jun 29, 2016)

  • Updated Settings lists to include latest paths for GOG versions of both Freedom Force and FF v3 The Third Reich


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