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X: The Sci-Fi Mod for Freedom Force

March through 31 levels of alien-blasting action, FF-style!

Brought to you by:

  • Jued001 - Story/Character Creation/Mission Map Layouts by Shane (jued0001) Juedes
  • Abenavides - Python mission scripting, misc tech details and installer (Special thanks to M25 for his AI Enhancement Scripts)
  • Jason DaSilva (JiK) - Meshes
  • Deadhead and Firestorm - Skins


Do I need the latest patch for Freedom Force to run this mod?
YES, please use FF patch 1.3 to run this mode properly. The saved games won't work without it. Get the patch at

Where did you get the idea for this?
Consider this game our living X-Com fan fiction. The story takes place shortly after the invasion. X-Com already has learned some new tech, but has yet to meet all of the enemies that intend on the Earth's destruction.

How do I run the mod?
-Double click the ICON CREATED on your desktop

How did you handle turns (since the original X-Com game was turn-based)?
Unfortunately, the Freedom Force engine doesn't allow for turn-based combat. The closest you can get to turn-based combat is to make use of the Pause feature via the Spacebar.

How did you handle ammunition, or the lack thereof?
Instead of thinking about it like that, think about the original game where each member had a set amount of time to do certain things. Equate amount of energy to time units, and it should become at least mildly clear to you.

I seem to remember getting killed almost instantly if I took a blast in the original, but now each squad member is pretty tough, didn't you work on game balance?
Due to restrictions of the AI, the aliens are very aggressive. There's no way you'd survive any of the missions if you could get killed with one hit. Look at it this way, based on the endurance of the aliens, you better pray you can survive with what you have, endless ammo and all.

[Any questions] about why some alien doesn't act like it did in the original X-Com?
AI restriction, that's the easiest and I guarantee, the most honest answer we can give for any questions of this type.

Additional Credits

We made this mod out as a labor of love for the original, and are not profiting in any way by its release to the general public.


  • Soldier (neutral male voice pack) - George Ledoux

  • Additional custscene voice clips for thug and mafioso - George Ledoux

  • Frank - Erik Hanson (Viking)

  • Karin / Sectoids (missions 1 & 2) - Melanie Juedes

  • Kenji / Ufopediabot - Shane (jued0001) Juedes

  • Uta / Female Civilian - Melissa King

  • All alien voice packs put together by Shane Juedes, sounds from multiple Internet sources

  • Male Civilian (mission 2) - Scott King

New FX
The new create object powers and bloodspray FX by Xorn

*NIN - from Downward Spiral, Heresy
*Soul Coughing - from Irresistible Bliss, Super Bon Bon
*from Matrix Soundtrack - Marilyn Manson, Rock is Dead
*from Matrix Soundtrack - Meat Beat Manifesto, Prime Audio Soup
*from Crow Soundtrack - Helmet, Milktoast
*Beastie Boys - from Hello Nasty, Intergalactic
*from Matrix Soundtrack - Ministry, Bad Blood
*from Crow Soundtrack - NIN, Dead Souls
*from Matrix Soundtrack - Rage Against the machine, Wake Up
*Godsmack - Godsmack, Bad Religion
*NIN - from Downward Spiral, Becoming
*from Crow Soundtrack - Machines of Loving Grace, Golgotha Tenement Blues
*The Presidents of the United States of America - from The Presidents of the United States of America, Kitty
*Toad the Wet Sprocket - from dulcinea, Fall Down
*Stone Temple Pilots - from Stone Temple Pilots, Unglued
*Talking Heads - from Talking Heads / Popular Favorites: Sand in the Vaseline, Burning Down the House

Whatever is left
Special thanks to CapnWigster for helping me create the 2D cutscene.

* Any comics characters are TM and copyright of their respective owners.
These are FREE third-party add-ons that claim no license to any of the likenesses contained herein.
We are just lowly fans showing our love for the characters!
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Freedom Force is the copyrighted property of Irrational Games.