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Alex's Freedom Fortress - JLA Mod


The award-winning mod for Freedom Force!

Play with the heroes of the DC Universe as they face their greatest foes.

Credits - Spoiler Warning: You may not want to see credits until after you play the mod!

Cover Gallery

Pawns of Darkness - Parts I, II, and III
The League faces an unstoppable invasion, bent on Earth's destruction. But is it really what it seems?

Pawns Of Darkness - Part IV
The opposition grows in number as the situation spirals out of control ... but the League has allies of their own.

Pawns Of Darkness - Part V
Darkness spreads as the forces of Apokolips unleash the real onslaught. The League makes a last desperate stand. But will it be enough?

Pawns Of Darkness - Part VI
The battle escalates to the JLA Watchtower as Superman falls. And Batman once again proves that he is the most dangerous man on the planet.


Pawns Of Darkness - Part VII
The battered League faces a final showdown with the Dark Lord of Apokolips. You will not believe the secrets revealed in this double-sized shocker!

The Shooting Script

For those of you who want to get into modding - this is the actual "shooting script" I wrote for the JLA Mod. I present it here so it can serve as an example for any budding modders out there. It contains the first 6 issues of the JLA Mod in MS Word format.

 JLA 1-6 Script.doc

Basically, the order I work on mods is this:

  1. First I write (and rewrite and rewrite!) the shooting script
  2. I add any new characters and powers to the mod using the FF Editor or even better, my EZ Hero Utility
  3. I add any new skins and meshes (or at least temporary ones in case skinners or meshers are working on new goodies I've requested)
  4. I send out the script to the voice actors, who will eventually get all their lines in  mp3 format back to me
  5. While I wait, I edit the strings.txt, speech.txt, and captions.txt files with all the new lines and characters
  6. I also start doing the Python scripting for cutscenes and build new maps
  7. I get to the actual gameplay and do any needed mission coding (This is usually quicker for me than the cutscenes, which take me a while)
  8. Tweak sound volumes and add any new music which I've chosen
  9. Play test (getting volunteers when needed)
  10. Package it up and ship it out!

But it all starts with the "shooting script"!


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